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I'm so confused!! I had an epley in the ENT's office in August and it's been great since. Last week I had vertigo for the first time since then...But after my manueur I wasn't supposed to do a lot of things so I wouldn't move the "rocks" around. I had to sleep sitting up for 3 days and and couldn't bend from the waist over etc. And it was never suggested that I do anything at home like the manuver on my own. It's so interesting how different each Dr
is.BTW I was in each position for a minimium of 30 seconds though probably more...What's the other "compensation" you guys talk about?

Does anyone here take clarinix daily to prevent the pressure from building up in your ears? My cousin has Meniere's and she said it's made all the difference for her. She gave me a few to try last week when I was so sick and that cleared it up. I thought I'd try Claritin OTC until I get to see my Dr. Her Neuro also prescribed Valium and I was lucky enough to have a few of my own. I took that and it helped as well. Just wondering if anyone has tried either.

Good luck all.