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anyone want to share their stories on it? I take it and valium for anxiety on an as needed basis. Id love to hear positive stories about wellbutrin.
im starting on 100mg once a day for the first week then twice a day after that then i go back in one month and he said he would increase it again when i go back to see him. today has been a great day between them both porbably just the valium but either way i felt really good today and was able to do my work outside of the house with no issues!
it really is 100mg lol i have a history of depression/anxiety, since i have moved out of state my depression and anxiety hit full force and I have tried to wait it out hoping it would clear up once i became familiar with my surroundings but it actually got worse to the point that i could not got to town alone i had to take osmeone with me or i had a panic attack. the depression was worse then it had been in years as i would cry at the drop of a hat, didnt want to do anyhtng except lay around.
before i moved my old dr gave me hydroxyzine to take on an as needed basis to help with my anxiety, one day last week i tred going out with out it and i didnt think i would make it home, i drovepast a clinic and said enough is enough and i went in. I explained to the dr my history and explained i didnt want and anti depressant that would make me gain weight asothers had so he put meon wellbutrin 100.mg once a day in a few days ill go to two a day. i also was given the valium for the anxiety attacks. supposed to take those twice a day as well but so far once a day is plenty.