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Don't give up even after you go to the Dentist. I have come to terms with my "yuckmouth" and have finally bit the bullet and found a dentist that I love.

He has not made me feel terrible, he has been there to help me get back on my way to a healthy mouth.
I have already maxed my dental insurance out (most dental insurance sucks anyway) and am looking at paying an additional 1k for services not covered until July.

It is all about liking the dentist, and the office making you feel comfortable.
I was prescribed valium for my visits, and it made things tons better. (I pass out with a papercut and a dentist visit puts me in a coma)

We started with a game plan of what needed to be taken care of ASAP, and have worked our way down the list. I have one more cavity to get taken care of, and happily, with fingers crossed, I will be down to my every so many months deep quad cleanings and then twice a year cleanings.

I too had a broken molar, that I just let go, for many reasons, lack of dental insurance, lack of time, lack of money. I actually have had 2 molars taken out from being cracked for so long, they finally got worse. At the time, I would rather have them yanked then go to a dentist.

I am still not happy with my smile, but am much happier with the thoughts that I am almost there, to a nice smile.
Good Luck! You can do it!