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A root canal is the actual procedure done. You will need Xrays to see if a root canal is needed from seeing the dead pulp tissue aka nerves.

When you go for your cleaning, they should Xray you and they can see right there if this is the problem.

The above poster was correct with the Crown explanations. Crowns can be used to build up a tooth damaged from decay, but not damaged to the point of needing the root canal.

Your sensitivity might just be that, sensitivity. Some people have it while others don't.

I am now a dental expert, as I have had over 3K in work done in my mouth (ok so this is counting what insurance paid) of which included 2 root canals, build ups and crowns for those teeth all with in 6 months.

I also love my dentist. I was in more pain before any office visit. I actually fell asleep in the chair he was that good! It is all about being numbed up and of course, the valium helped me! :jester: