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Trying To Find A Cure For This Problem. I Feel Like Im Not Getting Enough Air And Im Constantly Taking Deep Breaths. I Have Seen Alot Of People Post About The Same Thing But I Cant Find Answers As To What Brings This On. Every Time I Go To Doctors They Say Im Ok And Its Probably Anxiety But Is There Anything That Can Help This? It Will Just Start Out Of The Blue And Sometimes Lasts For A Week Or 2 Then It Will Just Go Away. If Anyone Has Answers Please Help. Im So Sick Of Dealing With This. Right Now Im Taking Valiums Just To Keep Me Calm. Thanks
girl, i feel you. i dont understand why we get this. i am taking valiums n it does calm me down but it doesnt get rid of it. im so sick of this and the only things doctors want to do is give us antidepressents and i dont want to take them becsuse then you get other problems. i applied for free care at the hospital so when i get covered i am going to the best therapist that deals with panic disorders. i cant go to the gym either, all i do is lay down because if i lay down flat on my back n watch tv n relax it helps so try that and see if it works for you. maybe ill try the acupuncture too. hey please keep in touch with me if you find any cures or just want to talk. we need to find answers
I Was Only On It For 3 Months and Then I Went Off. I Didnt Really Gain Weight But After A While You Start To Crave Food. If I Stayed On It Longer I Probably Would Have. It Definitly Starts To Work Quick. I Still Have A Bunch Left and Even Though They Tell You Not To Go On and Off Of It, When My Breathing Gets Real Bad I Will Take It For A Couple Of Days and It Goes Away and Then I Just Stop Taking It. It Stops You From Dwelling On The Same Things In Your Head. Makes you Very Happy. I Would Try It If You Feel That Bad. Then Once youFeel Better Come Off Of It and See How you Feel But If You Stay On It Long Make Sure You Wean Your Self Off Of It Because The Withdrawls Suck. I Was Only Taking 10 Millagrams. If I Take Them Now For A Few Days I Only Take 5 Millagrams. I Heard That Zoloft Doesnt Cause Weight Gain. If You Feel Jittery The First Couple Days Take Valium Or Lorazapam With It.
No I Feel Alot Better Today. You Should Be Taking Xanex During The Day, It Will Keep You Calm. I Have Been Taking Valiums Throughout The Day For The Whole Week and It Helps. Yea I Think Anti Depr Slow Your Metab Down After A While.
I just really don't want to take the xanax unless i have to, like just before a panic attack might happen. That's how it was prescribe to me, it wasn't prescribed to me to take 3 times a day or whatever it is... so, I'm trying to just take it at night. But it's really on an "as-needed" basis. I wonder if valium would work better for me. The ativan didn't work and the xanax works maybe slightly, but I think valium might be better for me too... I'm going to ask about it on Thursday. I always have really tense muscles and I think the valium would be good for that.
i understand what you are saying but what you are describing, you are having panic attacks all day and the valium will calm you. i take like 2 mgrms 2 or 3 times a day.
Hey RIGirl, how have you been? Are you still on Lexapro? How's your breathing been? Is the valium helping you?