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I am posting this about my sister who doesn't have internet right now. I am a nurse and in Pennsylvania, she is in Tennessee. Here's her story:

Starting in August of last year, she began having episodes of passing out, at first thought to be seizure activity. She continued to pass out and be dizzy all the time. She is on medical assistance, so getting care has been an issue but she finally got to see a neurologist and ENT in Knoxville. She was diagnosed with vestibular damage thought to have been caused by an ear infection. She is on neurontin, valium, antivert.

she is not getting better, she is getting worse. She started vestibular therapy which she thinks has helped, but now her insurance has cut that off. She is now passing out almost daily and hitting her head and face alot!!! She is always in the ER getting cat scans, and has continued to drive against advice.

She is always dizzy, can no longer walk without holding on to the wall, feels lots of pressure inside her entire head, lots of headaches and of course, still passing out.

She is missing lots of work and is on the verge of losing her job. She has no money, is a single mom, is limited because of being onmedical assistance and can't pick her specialists, and is basically getting worse and worse by the week.

Any ideas? Help? Places she can look for financial help? I am very concerned about her, I am truly afraid she will kill herself either by driving or by hitting her head (this week, when passing out, she hit her face and head on her granite counters and now has two black eyes and a swollen forehead)

thanks! I am a nurse, but in women's health, so this is all new to me!