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My doctor wanted to do one leg and then the other but I'm still in school and did not want to waste two whole summers so I made the decision to do both at once even though that wasn't what he recommended. I probably should mention that I was 16 when I had it done (summer of '06) so I'm not an adult but I was older when I had it. If I hadn't had both done I probably would not had the other done. In the hospital I had an epidural with morphine and was on valium for major spasms. I developed bedsores on my heels from the spasms so before I left the hospital my surgeon had the heels of the casts cut out so that the sores would heal. I think I was on valium for about two weeks from the time of the surgery which I took mainly at night and regular tylynol because the perscribed stuff with codine had adverse affects. I was in long leg casts for 3 weeks and two sets of short legs casts for a total of 6 weeks. So it was nine weeks of casts and during that time my parents had to help me with all transfers and almost everything else. Even after the casts were taken off it was probably a month where I still needed help because my leg muscles were so weak. Oh, and the bedsores took a month to heal after the casts came off which included daily bandages.

I had therapy at home for about about a month before school, then three times a week at school for two months. Then I went back to outpatient therapy in addition to the school therapy for four months because the surgeon was not satisfied with the progress. Now I have it twice a week at school and once at outpatient until June. So it's a ton of therapy.

My gait did improve a lot because of the surgery and I feel that I walk more efficiently too. I have spastic quad cp and I have always had an unsteady gait but my feet have always been flat when walking.

I hope this helps and if there's anything more you'd like to know, just ask!