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Hi again:
To answer a few of the questions. You will never be able to identically match your symptoms to anyone on this board. In some way or form, we are all different which is why I think you always question what type of inner ear disorder. It is very common to have good patches along with bad ones. There is no rhyme or reason for it. What I believe is true, is that if you notice any progress no matter how minimal....you are getting better. We used to call it at a snails pace. Sometimes it would take a couple of months for me to see a recognizable change. But it slowly came. Then you will notice you can do something you weren't able to do. I was so thrilled one day when I was able to scrub my floors.

As far as my vestibular exercises....I think that is where SUBS relates to the wild thing :blob_fire. I took on my own form of vestibular exercises where I would walk everyday and move my head so many times in all kinds of directions. Look back and forth over my shoulder. Anything I could think of. I would walk with my dog and just close my eyes and walk heel to toe or toe to heal and try to keep a straight line. I would also grab onto a small tree and swing around it a couple times in each direction. Hey!, the trick is to keep moving, so be creative and don't be afraid. Sometimes when I was just heading out for a walk, I would have a particularly bad day. I could even start this walk or hike crying to myself. But I went every single day and by the time I was done with my walk and doing my own exercises....I felt better. It was a long journey that nobody wants to go through and only the people who have suffered with an inner ear disorder can truly understand all your fears, thoughts etc. For the longest time, I knew I had my limitations. But now I can honestly say, I will try almost anything. A cruise is out of the question as are carnival rides.
You have to continue to fight this for as long as it takes. I can't tell you how long for each one of you. This has a mind of its own.

As far as being uncomfortable in stores, that was something that never really bothered me. However, I will tell you I had horrendous anxiety. I really started to see a lot more improvement once I was getting the anxiety under control. For me, I had to take a Valium when things got really bad. They say this is not a good thing to do, but for me....I felt it really helped me cope.

Subs...I still have my motorcycle and I didn't ride much last summer because of all the issues going on in my life. But I sure hope to get out soon. Today was beautiful. We had people skiing in shorts and tank tops. But...cold weather is in the near future. Did you get hit with that big snow storm about 3 weeks ago? We received over 2 feet of snow. The only thing I saw from my Celica was the side mirrors. It was quite a job digging it out.

Anyway, things are pretty good all around.

all the best,

One other thing I wanted to mention are the different specialists I saw and no one could pin point what I had. They are as follow:

The Emergency Room
My primary physician
ENT Specialist with all the tests involved
My moms Doctor
A Chiropractor (weekly basis)
An Accupuncturist (one of my favorite)(weekly basis)
A Masseuse (sp?)(weekly basis)
A physical therapist(weekly basis)
A healing woman (the most expensive)(every two weeks)
A Neurotologist
A Neurologist from Columbia Med. (Final specialist I saw)

So Who made me better?.....I did, because I always believed I would get better and would not accept having to live with this horrible thing.

all the best,