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Hey folks,

I am new here and new to my panic disorder, I resonate with everything being said here and I found the "you know you have anxiety when" thread extremely funny. I have a question. I went in for an MRI yesterday and found that there was no way I could lay in that chamber, I've done it before no problem but not this time. They gave me two 5mg valium to take before I go today because I have to get this thing done. I have never had much luck taking this stuff and I wondered if maybe you all could tell me a few things about it. The bottle said take it 2 hours prior to the MRI, but the Doc said take 30 minutes prior, anyone know what would be best? Would I get more help if I take it on an empty stomach or should I eat? I saw someone mention disolving these things under your toungue<---gesh I can't spell that word. Anyway this under the toungue thing, does it help? Is it dangerous? Is it recomended by Dr's?

Thank you all, may one day we be healed

I would say, for me anyways, it takes about an hour to really work. So, I'd take it about an hour before the MRI. I wouldn't dissolve it under your tongue. Just take it with some water. Whether you want to eat or not is up to you. I would probably eat something light with it... The valium will make you really tired, especially if you aren't normally on something like that for anxiety. So, you probably won't think about much, since you'll be too drowsy... you'd probably even fall asleep if it weren't for all the beeping noises from the MRI.

Good luck!