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Hi Wannarun,

Just saw this message - sorry I missed it.

Well, I had some massive break-through anxiety last week which went on for about 7 days straight. The trigger was a room-mate problem (she had a financial meltdown and suddenly bailed out) and then more GF troubles which now looks to be officially and finally over. So the horse bolted but interestingly I experienced no decomp or vestibular troubles until just three days ago - after things settled down. The anxiety was so viscious and the lack of sleep such a nuisance that I seriously considered that SSRI again...but I didn't and stuck it out instead using valium a few times. Really glad I did because things are reasonably good again despite dizziness (especially on PC screens - my big weakness) which will go in another few days if I rest and stay chilled out.

The aches and pains seem less now too..another good sign that it might all be withdrawal getting easier to handle.

How are things going at your end? Thanks for asking.

Best....Scott :cool: