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Hi Gals, In response to feeling envious with other women's preganancies.... I can relate. We've spoken about this alot on the infertility board.

I am 40. Been married 10 years. My DH is 42. We are passionate about animals and children. I have worked with children for over 16 years and up until my late 30's we didn't really try very hard to have children. We played ALOT. Anyway... now we want them and have been trying off and on for several years. As I have approached the big 40 it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am so ready. Now, of course, my AF are irregular and it has been hard. WE've begun IF with a little help. WE are just in the beginning and are hopeful.

I know how you all feel b/c I experienced with my own little sister that I adore. She recently married 38, DH 50!
Just married a year. She announced it at a surprise formal dinner and I could barely contain myself from a meltdown. We had been trying so hard the last year and at the time I was very sick with TMJ. It had taken everything I had out of me. I was too thin, on Valium for the pain and very discouraged as I had been hurting for several months. Anyway... my point is that it does hurt. It is normal. I felt terrible for the way I felt. I excused myself, went to the bathroom, rufused to cry(worked too hard on thta eye makeup)and gave myself a good talking to.
I mustered up the strength to "seem geniune in my congrat" and gave my sister a hug. I felt terrible inside. T It was hard and it still is. I'm trying to still deal with it. I don't want it to cause distance between us. WE live 500 miles apart anyway...

Well sorry to go on and on. It has just been so hard for me. I've never been very envious of anyone for anything and above all people I don't want it to be my own blood. I sympathize with you all and may we all remember that we are already blessed in so many ways and that things could be far worse. Our babies are so wanted and will be so loved. For, hopefully one day we will all be able to tell them how hare we worked to have them in our lives. (sorry, I talk alot!) lizzie:p