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I've seen many doctors/specialists and none have been able to help me resolve this problem.

I have no known allergies.

It started a little over 2 years ago. I started becoming congested when I sleep, no mucus, just one side (right or left sinus) becomes TOTALLY blocked from air flow and pressurized and I get a terrible sleep, never seem to get into REM, anything wakes me up, I always wake up after 8 hours of sleep feeling like I got 2 hours sleep, eyes dry and bloodshot. Migraines or headaches in the morning and throughout the day one side is always slightly blocked. Air flow is typically ok in the evening but after I lay down for 5 minutes one side becomes totally locked. In the morning after I walk around for a few minutes, semi-regular air flow returns and the pressure is mostly gone. When I work out, I always have total air flow.

First ENT: Did a septoplasty (straightened out deviated septum) no resolve.

First ENT: Prescribed valium for me to sleep, helped very minimally, kept me asleep, but the quality of sleep was still garbage.

First ENT: Thinks I may grind my teeth at night, dialating the blood vessels causing inflammation of sinus, (why does it only happen on one side at a time?).

First ENT: Suggested I go on anti-depressants (what the hell does this have to do with it?)

Second ENT: Allergy tests, nothing, no explanation.

Regular physicians suggested my body thinks it has allergies and therefore exhibits allergy-like reactions (This person is a doctor?)

This problem is wearing me down greatly, I haven't had a solid night's rest in many years..Withering away...

I currently am trying "The Yeast Connection" theory and on a specific diet and pill/liquids program that's supposed to alleviate any yeast/candida/fungus in the system, I try ANYTHING.

Anyone, any ideas? Please...
Well.....you have just run into a brick wall like many of us have when it comes to doctors.

My suggestion would be to use saline solution and irrigate sinuses morning and night. I make my own saline solution, 1 cup boiled water, 1/2 teaspoon plain salt, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. Stir to dissolve, strain thru clean paper coffee filter, allow to cool, put in clean nasal spray bottles (will keep for 1 week, has no preservatives other than the salt). Lie on back with head hanging off bed and squirt about 3 squirts of cool solution into each nostril. Turn head side to side slowly a few times. Get up saying "kkkkkkkk" to prevent solution from running down the throat. Blow gently as needed. This cleans the sinuses, healing, etc.

Have your physician prescribe Zyrtec anahistamine and take for a while and see if it makes any difference. There are many things we can be sensitive to or allergic to that are never tested for. If your body acts like it has an allergy, treat it like it has one.

If you use Afrin nasal spray or similar, you probably are having a rebound effect. Sure, it opens the nasal passages quick but also rebounds quick. Best to not use Afrin or similar if at all possible.

Valium and anti-depressants are not the answer, that is what doctors toss to patients in general when they have no clue what the problem is or not interested in trying to find out.

Go out on a limb like I did and try and old fashion sleep remedy. Put 2 bars of bath soap unwrapped in bed on sheet near your legs and sleep like a baby. I did not believe it, finally gave it a try and now refuse to take bars out of bed just in case I will not sleep good. No one knows why this works. I happened to have Dove bath soap and used that. Probably could use most any brand soap. If it is all in my mind, so be it, at least I am getting good nights of sleep.