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I want to believe my GP wouldn't do anything that would hurt me but getting all panicking that taking thi steroid and valuim she prescribed. Will it really screw me up. Veyr drowsy with valium going to cut down to half. My husband is going back to work tomorrow and I am freaking out cause I will be home alone taking care of the kids and I will have noone to call if something happens so am i ok here???
Valium and other benzos as well as some anti-histamines have an initial doping effect. They make you very sleepy, but that wears off after your body adjusts to the meds. I dont think anyone on this board said anythign bad about steroids,.... The valium is something you should take cautiously.. It will make you feel better most probably, but it is a temporary fix. Try taking a very small dose first and see how it affects you. Some people react differently......

Like I said in a previous post,take the steroid in the morning... That will allow you to get a good nights sleep and maybe even counter-act some of the doping effect of the valium.