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The steroids are a weeks worth and the first day is 6 pills second five and then 4 then 3 and etc.... until the round is done I am taking a lil less now as I was getting sick on them. The dizziness is at bay for now but she had told me we would do the steroids as she hoped it would dry up the remaining fluid in my ears and I was thinking if that happens and the ENT said my ears looked fine maybe (just reaching here) I might get better? If we clear up the inflammation and fluid and he didn't see any sign of damage maybe I will be better by 8 weeks???Any one think so???? As for the valium i am on 2mg 2 times a days but cut it back to 1mg 2 times a day as i was getting so drowsy but may just take 1mg once a day that wouldnt be too bad right??
Thank you. Yeah the first day (yesterday) i was supposed to take 6 instead I threw up the last two. So instead of taking 5 today she told me to take four and then three (i think tomorrow) instead of four then three the next day then 2 after that then the one as I couldn't take more today than I did yesterday. I feel almost normal on them (I know that is probably decieving) except for the nausea and feeling so "out of it" even on 1mg of valium 2X a day think I will take 1 mg once a day just to take edge of panic away but leave me functionable since I am just adjusting now to taking care of the kids since the start of this thing (husband has had no work for 5 weeks). I am supposed to take 2mg 2x a day but it is just too much would rather have dizzy than spacey. DO you think it is just deceiveing me feeling better and when the steroids are done I will feel like crap again?? In 2 weeks will be the 8 week mark so just wondering my chances lol. Going to go before I stress myself farther but i am proud I got out today and did stuff for the first time in a long time. Felt yucky and tired sometimes but I did it!