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I know in my area they have new MRI machines that are not so closed in and I guess they are wonderful for people who have claustrophobia. My father tried both kinds because he hated the MRI and he said it was like day and night. Another option is asking your doctor for a valium so that you are more relaxed. I know my doctor has prescribed it for tests that I was nervous about. I have had about 5 MRI's and they do not bother me. The biggest problem really is thinking about them. When I go in- one time was for 1 1/2 hours and I just tried to think about other things. One thing to keep in mind is that nothing is going to hurt you. They usually let you have headphones so you can listen to music but if they need to cover your head area then they will not let you. They send you in a tunnel and all you hear is a series of loud clicking/banging and they talk to you and let you know how long each film is going to take. Just think postive and try and think about something else. Get a script for like 2-3 valium and that helps a lot. Good Luck and try to go to another place in your head...Jaxobean (Nikki)
Hi, Dizzy! I can speak to the MRI subject. Let me start by saying that it's not bad at all -- it's just the anxiety! I never considered myself a claustrophobic person and thought I'd be okay but actually wound up backing out when I got in the room for the first time. I couldn't believe it! First, you KNOW nothing bad is going to happen in there -- there's plenty of air to breathe, both sides are open and you're in a hospital (or medical facility)! I felt completely ridiculous! :dizzy: The next day I called my internist and explained what happened. He told me this is not unusual and gave me a prescription for valium. In retrospect, I think part of what freaked me out was the advice (unsolicited!) by a woman who had just finished. She asked me if I'd ever had one before and when I said no, she said that the trick is to close your eyes before they roll you in. So of course, I did exactly the opposite of that! :rolleyes: The irony is that she was right, at least for me! Okay, so now I'm 2 MRIs down and 2 more to go. Here's what worked for me and the choices they usually give you. Here's what I found for myself but honest, it's all about figuring out what works for YOU.

Okay, I found that strong, fierce me does need valium. If you go this route to calm your nerves you'll have to figure out how much you need. (I take one pill about an hour before my appointment and then another half when I hit the waiting room.) I DO close my eyes before they roll me in -- and also ask for prism glasses just in case I feel compelled to peek! (I've only done that right before they rolled me out, just to see. ;) ) My internist told me about them. Most places have them but you have to ask (they didn't offer). They strap it on the apparatus and if you do open your eyes you can see the opening of the tube on both ends (hi feet! :) ) Just makes you feel less enclosed. Through this process I've also confirmed that I'm a bit of a control freak! :eek: It helped me to ask how many pictures they were taking (not how long I'd be in there) -- this way when I heard the clicking and other sounds I knew that there was progress. Me, I opted for no headphones -- again, I found that I need to be present and the sounds kind of help me. I think the valium made me feel they were somewhat meditative! If you want headphones it would probably be okay for you to bring your own CD. You can ask all these things beforehand.

Hope some of these suggestions help, as does knowing about some of the options you have (glasses, headphones, etc.) Oh -- there are also machines that are a little bigger than others. When you book your appointment tell them it's your first time and see if there's a "better" machine for you. The one I've been in both times is a little bit shorter than other machines they have at the same facility. As for an open MRI, my neurologist said that the pictures wouldn't be as good (the two I've had so far are of the head.)

In closing, let me also say that I know some people who fall asleep during MRIs. Doesn't bother them ONE bit! My sister actually says she finds it relaxing!

Good luck, and try not to stress about it, especially so far ahead of time! :)
Hi, Dizzy! You've gotten a lot of great suggestions here. As for them rushing you, just focus on feeling grateful that your doctors care enough to find out what's going on more immediately! Honestly, on the board I mostly post on there are several people who are freaking out because they are up waiting weeks and weeks to get appointments! More than anything, it sounds like you are getting good care and honestly, that is something to be very thankful for. There are SO many things that something can be -- please try not to drive yourself crazy. Look at these tests as things to help the doctors come to conclusions for diagnosis and treatment and remember, sometimes tests not only show things but also serve to rule things out.

As for the MRI, again, you've gotten good advice. Like Wow, I opened my eyes when they rolled me in and that was so not the right thing for me to do! The best advice for me was to close them before they roll you in, ask for the refractor glasses and I admit that the valium really helped me!

Good luck!