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I went to ER last night for anxiety and hot flashes and they put me back on valium and meclizine and i knwo all of you say to not take it as it hinders compensation but even if i still do VRT's is this really bad. I just want to have faith in these doctors....
Hi D&S,

You are still in very early days and the anxiety is terrible at times I know - I went to the ER twice myself wondering what was going on with it. Don't worry about using valium occasionally at the moment (2.5 mg at a time). It's more important to deal with the anxiety first, which will totally disable compensation. But don't use valium as a crutch for too long. If the anxiety does not become manageable in your opinion, you need to either 1) seek help from someone to stop the catastrophic thought patterns (CBT) and feel you are getting some support or 2) use an SSRI med if the anxiety becomes chronic and more than you can handle. Be aware that going this route means being on the med for up to a year (or more) and requires a great deal of patience when coming off. For me it was well worth it.

Best....Scott :cool: