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Basically dental insurance is just one big "discount plan". It is like having a Costco Card - you go to one of their list of dentist and get a small discount - nothing really to write home about either and either way, the fine print may or may not include a waiting period for "major" services that you are in need of now.

I have had dental insurance both ways, on my own and with a HUGE (actually an Insurance Company is my Emloyer now) and if I sat down and figured out what I pay the dentist either way, I am really not saving anything.

I can tell you right now, most of the gentle dentists out there are NOT covered by most insurance plans or the discount plans either. Most dental plans do not cover being knocked out and again, most of the services needed by those who have not carried insurance will not be covered until you have been on the plan 12 months. The gentle dentists give you a pill, which is not covered by medical or dental. I have checked ALL the fine print out there on this, as I too am a sissy (:) ) when it comes to dentists.

My suggestion is to call around and find a dentist that will work with you on a discounted payment plan before you even bother enrolling with some plan.

I found a dentist that has prescribed me Valium. I didnt think it would do much for me as I have taken Valium before for other issues - let me tell you it was the greatest!! to the point I almost fell asleep in the chair during a root canal!

Good Luck!