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Hey Maggie - How are you doing today??? I really hate Mondays!! Haven't been sleeping well even with 15mg of Ambien (Is it okay to take that much??).....mind just races from problem, to problem, to problem until I FINALLY go to sleep, but it never lasts for long. My back has been hurting so bad for the last 24 hours....... Having cold sweats still on day 25!!!! God - do they ever go away?????

I forced myself to get up this morning, take a shower and go to the post office. I had to pay the bills and, of course, they raised the cost of a stamp so I HAD to go!!!!! Then I came home and found out that I'm being served the foreclosure papers tomorrow. I just feel so sad today!!! I'm right back to feeling like I don't want to live anymore!!! (sorry, I know we're not supposed to talk about suicide here, but I won't do it becuz of my daughters). It's one thing to think about it and another to actually do it. Everything just seems so hard right now. Shouldn't I be feeling better by now????? I'm losing everything!!! If I could get my sorry *** around enough to go through all the boxes in my garage and clean up the house enough, I could try to sell it before the foreclosure. Physically, I just don't know how I can do it!!!!! I just want to throw everything away and start over so I don't have to move it!!! I am really down on myself today, I hope I feel better tomorrow. I just hate spending one more day in this damn house, and it's a beautiful house, but I feel trapped and bored and like such a loser.

Thank you for listening Maggie!!! I really do appreciate it! My friends are almost non-existent right now. My one friend called me a week ago and I told her I was detoxing off the pills.......she asked if I needed anything and acted all concerned, said she would call the next day and I haven't heard from her!!! She knew about my "problem" previously. I won't call her because I don't want to be a burden. I know people have their lives to live, but if one of my friend's was going thru this I would be checking in on them and taking them things, etc. Whatever I could do!!!!!!!!! Screw it........I will get through this, despite them!!!!!!

On top of everything else, I just really, really, want to take a pain pill today......just to take the edge off. My head hurts, my back hurts and I feel like monsters are eating their way out of my body. Just overall crappy!!!! I just want relief!!!! Seriously, does it ever go away????? ALL THE WAY AWAY??????? I have to get back to work and once again, I am reluctant to apply for the jobs that I found in the paper yesterday because I don't know how I'll feel physically day to day!!! Or mentally for that matter!!!!

Enough about me........how long have you been tapering off the Suboxone??? I don't have any experience with Suboxone myself......other than looking into it and deciding it wasn't an option for me, costwise, etc.
Just think - when you are through it you can concentrate on having a baby!!!! Hold onto that to help you through. (I know, I'm not the best person to give ANY advice today!!!!) I know sometimes we all lose focus a little.

By the way, a little milk won't hurt Maggie. I share cereal and milk, cookies and milk and they seem to do just fine. I guess each dog is different. At worst I think it can upset their tummies a little and maybe cause some diarreah. You're right - how can you deny those little pleading eyes while you're shoveling it in???? I sure can't! They know how good human food is and I just sit here feeling guilty if I don't share!!!! Besides, they deserve it for sticking by me through this whole mess!!!!! I love them so much!!!!!! :)

So what type of work do you do, if you don't mind me asking?? Do you like working from home???

UGH.....I have to lay down....I think I need to take a valium or something and just relax and pray my back pain goes away!!!

I'll check back in a little bit! You have a comfortable day and be strong!!!