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[QUOTE=amlp;2955518]HI Dizzy.

have you not started doing VRT yet. my symptoms started +- 6 weeks ago. without warning, completely out of no where. i still have not been diagnosed, but after reading all the posts i have no doubt that it is inner ear related. I have been taking SERC, and doing my VRT's religiously. My MRI came back clear, ENT can't help, GP says it's anxiety, which it is not, but have started taking an SSRI as the thought of living like this was too much to bear. If i were you i would definately do the VRT, it can't hurt and will def speed up any healing.

I have started some i do them 2 to 3 times a day. I walk toe to heel 30 steps moving head up and down then backwards 30 steps moving head upand down. Then I walk toe to heel 30 steps moving my head left to right then backwards 30 steps the same. Then I rock on my feet for 1 min then try to do it eyes closed 1 min. Then i stand on one foot for 1 min and stand on other foot 1 min. So far I am not healed. I did alright yesterday during the day but yesterday evening was not so good had to take a valium and meclizine hopefully today will be better but the baby didn't sleep well so i am exhausted!