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Believe me i am trying my dr's and my paretns urging me to follow dr orderws and use it and i have tried not to the past two days and my days are fine slight dizzies no prob doing vrt's but come 5:30 6 it just sweeps in. I am trying very hard but to just cut back to the night was a big step for me and just hoping my brain getting some compensation during the day but believe me i dont want to be on meds but the valium i def need here adn there and cant seem to make it through without nightly mec. will try this weekend to have a mec free weekend.just trying to hold on till my neuro appt although i know that wont be helpful. i also called my GP today to ask for second opinion ENT but she wants to wait till after my neuro so another few weeks to wait till after neuro *sigh*