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terry i feel the exact same way. i have been thinking about it alot lately and if it was caused by anxiety the meds would be making it go away and they dont. i have been taking ativan or valium for years now. i am just sitting patiently waiting for my doc apointments in a couple weeks. im hoping it turns out to be a hiatal hernia. just so i have an answer finally. i cant belive after doing a search how many people suffered from the same breathing problems and ended up finding out it was either gerd or hernia. i have been in bed all day today cause im just miserable. i really dont believe mine is anxiety. there is no way i can have these syptoms every single day for 4 years straight. it would go away on its own at least for a little while like a month or so then come back if it was anxiety. im not even stressed except for this. im so sick of people telling me its stress related.