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For about two years, I have had chronic muscle spasms in my shoulders (between my shoulder blades) and my right hip (piriformis muscle). I'm sure it's caused by sitting at a computer all day at work. The spasm in my hip mimics sciatica and the spasms in my shoulders cause me to jerk in my sleep. I been to my family doctor and a chiropractor trying to get relief. Both did xrays and said there is nothing abnormal and no signs of arthritis. I also had a sleep study done which came back normal. My doctor prescribed Valium which helps some but I don't want to take it everyday. I have tried taking magnesium and Vitamin B complex but haven't really notice any results. The most relief I have experienced is from a couple of massage treatments. The therapist worked extensively on the knots in my muscles. Afterwards, the pain stopped and I slept comfortably for a couple of days. Unfortunately, I can't afford a weekly massage. I have also tried stretching exercises which provide some temporary relief.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I am out of ideas.