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[QUOTE=dannitykane88;2961850]hey, can anyone give me some firsthand info about labyrinthitis or if you know anything about it? what are the possible symptoms and treatments? and how long do people typically have this problem? thank you!

I think I have it no "official" diagnosis yet. Seen my GP a dozen times, 3 different ER visits, and seen an ENT and no diagnosis yet I go to neurologist ont he 11th and if she is no help going to demand a second ENT appt. Only had blood work, EKG, and hearing test/pressure check done. Hoping for an ENG but you never know. They have tried me on steroids for a week, Meclizine, valium, and phenergan. A few other antinausea that I stopped taking a fter a dose or 2 due to side effects. But all in all I have heard there is no treatment except time and maybe VRT's.....I am 8 weeks and 4 days in so far.