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Hi, cas. I wanted to share some tips in case they might help. When I went to have my first MRI I thought "no big deal" and then when I got in the room I couldn't go through with it and bailed! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be such a big chicken or feel claustrophic but I was/did! Here's what worked for me and I'm now 2 MRIs down with (at least) 1 more to go.

At the suggestion of the facility, I DID call my primary care doc and get a valium prescription which I filled (and took) before I went back. My doctor also suggested that I ask if they had refractor glasses -- I don't think they call them the same thing everywhere but they're kind of like prisms so if you do open your eyes you don't see the tube right above you; it tricks your eyes so you only see both openings at either end. The first mistake I made that freaked me out was that against the (unsolicited!) advice of someone coming out of the room who had just had her MRI and said "Close your eyes before you go in", I DID in fact open my eyes! :eek: She was right. I closed my eyes before they rolled me in both times and it was okay.

I think that most places nowadays will play a CD of your choosing. That was a choice for me and they usually have their own stash as well. However, I opted for no music -- the sounds actually comforted me in a way because I knew that something was happening. I'm just better not feeling "lost in space"! I also ask not how long I'll be in there but how many pictures they're taking. Again, just makes me feel like there's movement when I hear the sounds. They ARE loud but for me I find them comforting -- well, as comforting as you CAN feel, LOL! I go into a meditative state and kind of pretend I'm in the middle of a drum circle.:D

It's so screwy -- I mean, you KNOW you're in safe hands and both ends are open with plenty of air so what's the big deal? Anyway, that's what works for me the chicken. Valium, no music, the prism glasses and closing my eyes BEFORE they roll me in and not opening them until they roll me out! At the end of the day, it's about knowing what works for you -- and who knows, maybe you'll be one of the people for whom it's a breeze! Re: the dye, I had contrast just one of the times and I personally experienced it more as a cool sensation...

The films and radiologist's reports are usually delivered to your doctor within 3 days but if they're on the same hospital network or hooked up to the facility by computer, possibly the next day.

Good luck to you -- hope it's a breeze! Dizzy, hope everything works out okay for you as well.