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Hi Scott,

sounds like the Thai food was a big trigger. My partner and I have a chinese takeaway generally on a Sunday night and I always feel worse on the Monday. I would stop eating it but he loves it and looks forward to it, so I dont like to be a killjoy.

I seem to be up and down, certainly not as good as I was last year but Im hoping the lex might still be kicking in. I know the improvement before was so slow I didnt really notice I was any better, so still hoping. I took some valium yesterday and noticed I felt really dizzy 15 minutes after, then it sort of calmed down after half an hour. This has happened a couple of times lately - I dont know why.

Sorry about your driving experience, sounds awful. I was out in the car yest (not driving) but I felt awful after about 40 minutes - winding country roads!! Felt like I got off roller coaster after and was so tired (the valium didnt help) but I felt like I had been drugged.

Hope you feel a bit better by the time you read this and BTW congrats on your graduation, awesome considering what you have been through,

have a good day