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Hi Gloria,

Thanks for asking. I have been doing a load better - almost back to where I was before the relapse. Got to say the meds are a bit heavy going. I am under stress with work and when I work hard the propranonol messes with adrenalin in some way, which means I am very weary. Still, I have to be grateful to this drug, it gave me my life back.

Before I got the Vn/migraine I never experienced any sensation with the tinnitus. It's only since this head monster that my ears have experienced a whole range of sensations that sometimes seem, as you say, to be connected to the tinnitus in some way. What I actually suspect is simply that my symptoms get worse over all and the tinnitus gets louder - so it feels like there's a connection but there isn't . Mostly these days, during a relapse - which as I understand it for me is a migraine attack - my ears feel angry. Like they've been invaded, a sensation of wanting to reach inside my ear and massage it - this comes alongside the increased ringing noise.

In the past - a different issue, I got stapedial muscle spasm. I would get a sound and simultaneous sensation of vibration in my ears - it was a tiny muscle in spasm. It would vibrate louder in response to other vibrating sounds. That was tortuous - wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Funnily enough the only thing that could stop it completely was valium because it acted as a muscle relaxant. I can't help wondering if the buzzing might still be a long term withdrawl effect from the klonopin - as you will be aware, on withdrawal benzos can cause the very symptoms they can cure. Alternatively it could simply be the original nerve damage. Either way it should go away with time, these things just like to have a good go at tormenting you before they finally take a hike.

The tinnitus was having a real party during this latest relapse. All of my spikes, touch wood, so far, have calmed down to a quieter level again. You know what I think -although it seems like everything else would be bearable if it wasnt for the T, I actually wonder whether - if the T stays when the rest of the symptoms go - you would find the opposite to be true. I definitely find the T more irritating when I am very dizzy or have a head and/or face full of pressure etc... As those things all draw attention to the T it makes it much harder to ignore.

In terms of how I cope with a spike. I tend to be very brutal with myself re my feelings towards it. As strange as it sounds, if any nagging thoughts and anxieties crop up along the lines of I wonder if it'll always be this loud now etc.. I tend to nip them in the bud, not by telling myself it will get quieter, but by resigning myself as quickly as I can to the possibility, or even, in my mind, the certainty, that it won't. Alternatively I think - whatever, either it will or it won't but I'm just not going to think about it. I try to refuse to enter in to a debate with myself about it in the attempt to deflect my attention away from it. T thrives on attention. I'd be lying if I said it never bothers me when it's spiking, but I know that if I practice the above I can make it bother me a lot less. The fact is thought, that touch wood, so far, each spike I have had has quietened down. They do tend to.

I so wish there was something concrete I could do to make it go away for you Gloria. I can only say that if it does continue to be a part of your life, in time it is going to get easier to cope with, I promise.