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Disclaimer: I'm a newbie in these parts. :)

First of all, sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble. I've had similar problems and know how tough it can be just to cope with everyday living.

You mentioned falling - ever been diagnosed with vasovagal syncope? That was my diagnosis - I'd had what I considered to be mild panic attacks for several years, then I blacked out for the first time. I was told that usually the only real danger is being injured from the falling itself, so it's good to be able to recognize the "prodromal symptoms" you may feel before fainting (to me, it seems like typical panic attack symptoms, though not as severe as some I've heard about).

If you can feel the panic attack coming on, you may be able to use techniques to prevent yourself from fainting/falling. These are called Physical Counterpressure Maneuvers, and they basically work to raise your blood pressure temporarily (a drop in pressure is the reason you faint). These maneuvers have been shown to be tremendously effective at preventing fainting - something like a 90+% success rate in one of the long-term studies I read. Since I started using them, I haven't had another case of actually losing consciousness. Those, plus a low dose of valium now and then when I know I'll be in a stressful situation, have given me a tremendous amount of confidence that I can control my body again. That feeling of control itself probably makes one much less likely to get panicky (and vice versa).

Anyhow, sorry for being long-winded. My advice is to find a doctor who seems to know plenty about syncope, do the tilt-table tests if he/she wants you to, and request/research some information about the physical counterpressure maneuvers. I know it's tough - best of luck!