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Hi Maria and amlp,

Yes, for me the SSRI has always been the magic bullet - that is until now although I am probably expecting too much too soon. I expect I should see this thing burning out within the next two weeks. I think for me it works because I get massive amounts of anxiety when the attacks really set in - 99% of it at night. The positional change in bed seems to kick it all off, first with heart palpitations and then the adrenalin arrives 2 hours later waking me in the night with pure terror. When it goes on for too long I end up feeling extremely low the next day. Depression and anxiety are not a recipe for compensation if that is what I am presently waiting for. It seems likely though as most of these relapses clean themselves up within about 6-8 weeks.

>>>every now and then i even have a little feeling of joy. I call them my pockets of euphoria. It can only be the drug...

I get this too amlp. I can feel miserable in the morning but within an hour can get this little happy rush where I feel really good despite a bad head. Probably the drug giving us a cushion. I think of Cipramil/lex as putting temporary legs on the table. The old ones were kicked out by the dizziness. Sure makes taking all of this so much easier. Like you I was once dead against it but now cannot see how else I would survive when the storms get this vicious.

One other thing that gives me great relief is valium. I use it at night if I know I'm in for a shocker. It takes the edge off of it all just enough to sleep through my trips on the high seas.

Best....Scott :cool: