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Thanks for the responses.
Like I said my frustration is feeling like the doctor's office is not being upfront and honest with me about what to expect.
They've given me 5mg of Valium to take before the 2nd diagnostic block to help me handle the IV (I always have a painful, severe physical reaction to them so it's hard for me to even put myself through it) so hopefully it will go better than the first one. I didn't find the actual diagnostic block too painful.
My back pain has been flaring up for the past couple days...making it hard for me to even sleep...so I think I will go ahead with the radio neurotomy procedure. Like you all advise, I plan to have it done on a Wednesday or Thursday and then take the rest of the week off work to rest, especially since my job requires lots of running around. I'll just stay around the house and ice it for a few days and hopefully it won't be too bad.
The possibility of less pain for several months is probably worth it.
The doctor says hopefully if I have less pain, I'll be able to exercise and strengthen the muscles so even when it wears off it won't hurt as bad.
We'll see....
Good luck to all....I've had daily pain for 7 years and it is just awful---nice to know others are in the same boat!!!!