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Clover, I am sorry you are having such a difficult time and that you can't get in before the 12th. Just an idea have you asked if you can be put on a cancellation list by chance??

You might even ask to talk to the doctor about ordering an MRI now so that you can at least get it scheduled at this point. If he knows you are having problems, he might get you in to see him sooner.

Tonight I was walking into the house and had a flash of pain across my back and it has been h*ll since. I have taken 2 percocets and a valium and it still is hurting. The spa did not even help. OUCH!!

I did want to share with you that I broke down and purchased some back wedges that I ordered online, a bit expensive, and they are helping me so much at night. I am not fighting with pillows anymore.

I have never heard of being able to take a heating pad in the car. Details please.....

Hope you feel better sweetie.