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Shawley, my nerve pain has decided to go haywire. Tell me your opinion.

Presurgical - it was in the right side of the thigh. Severe deep leg aching. Leg collapsed alot. Occassional foot pain.

Post surgical - cramps in leg (has disappeared), severe shooting pains down leg (disappeared), and severe pain in foot has continued since surgery.

Sunday - I had a flash of pain while walking across the backside.

Wed - I had a flash of pain while walking across the backside which landed me flat on my back. Foot pain increased. It was really, really bad pain. 2 percocets and valium did not touch it.

Thurs. - Getting out of the pool. I had another flash of pain across backside into hip. Thigh hurting. Foot pain.

Friday - 1st step out of bed and I began sobbing from the pain. Pain across backside, back of leg hurts, thigh hurts, back of calf hurts, foot hurts.

Sounds like full blown sciatica doesn't it???

If I sit down and raise my leg, the pain goes beserk.

Shawley, I am so sorry you are huting so bad. I pray that they are able to implant the permanent stim soon.