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I posted earlier about my neurology appt and she gave me Ativan to calm me down. BIG mistake for me!! I did NOT do well with it-got more and more anxious in between doses. I was on low dose to begin with, and only twice/day. And when I contacted the neurologist about this reaction to Ativan, she basically told me she couldn't help me and to go see a psychiatrist.
So my primary put me on Valium to try to get the results to last longer, then I got nauseous and flu like symptoms that I am still getting over-and it's been all week! I did see, finally, the neurotologist at Mass Eye and Ear in Boston yesterday. (My husband came with me, thank goodness!!) The doc feels the BPPV is under control, and feels I have MAV going on. He wants to try me on nortriptyline.
I told him my primary doc has me seeing a psychiatrist to consult for some anti-anxiety drugs-especially since I had such a reaction to the Valium at such a low dose. So the neurotologist told me to talk to him about the nortriptyline and see what he says.
I am hopeful, again, that we will find the right meds to help me get over this. I have to admit that I am weary about trying meds now, but I know I need to do something, and the nortrip works on a totally different part of the brain, so I've got to give it a shot.
Anyway, just wanted to update you all. The neurotologist said anxiety could be aggravating the migraine, but he feels that the migraine came first in this chicken and egg scenario.
so, Gloria, I think you were right on about the warning you gave me in my previous post about the anxiety diagnosis. It was not right for me, in fact the meds made me an anxious mess!! I hope to feel more like myself soon.
thanks for your responses.
Gloria, Deep down, I didn't think anxiety was my problem, but I've gone to my primary care doc and others so often, and they all keep saying anxiety anxiety anxiety, you start to think, gee, I guess that must be why I cannot seem to think straight.
Then, my parents are asking why am I anxious. I dunno!!
But when we left Boston yesterday, my hubby was so pleased with the doc and his explanation of what was going on, that he was ready to jump for joy. It was quite cute. But, as someone who's been down the road of getting doc's opinions and having it not turn out right, I was so skeptical, I couldn't be excited. Not to mention I was exhausted still from my Ativan/Valium recovery!
Anyway, I'm trying not to jump for joy either, but I'm reading again the Heal your Headache book and realizing I have quite a few of the symptoms.
I am also trying to remember, I am going to the doc's for help. What good is going if I don't try what they're telling me. So, I think after the psych appt on Monday, if the psych won't do the nortriptyline, I will probably call Boston and have him call in the script and give it a go. My husband and I keep saying to one another that he's gotta know what he's talking about. He's an otoneurologist at MA Eye and Ear for crying out loud. I cannot get much more of an expert opinion around here.
Deep Breath!!! :)