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The epidural can control your pain for DAYS afterwards, and you are not doped up on pain meds, so you can more easily endure therapy and other things they want you to do after surgery. There is no reason NOT to get one. I have had MANY surgeries, and this one was the best way I have ever woken from surgery. I was laughing and joking with my family, had a great dinner, like not much had happened. Believe me, when they did take out the epidural, the pain hit me like a truck! I am was so glad I had the epidural for the first, most painful days. I discussed this with the anesthiesiologist beforehand. No problems. Once they stopped the epidural, they put me on a PCA pump with pain meds. Then once I could tolerate oral meds, I got to go home.

By the way, I also ALWAYS get very sick and vomit after general anesthiesia. My anesthiesiologist promised me that I would not have this problem this time, due to a new drug called Zofran. Amazingly, I never had one time when I was even queasy, except a few days later when the epi was stopped and the pain was so bad. It was wonderful. Have you seen a knee replacement? I don't know if you want the memory of that procedure. However, they may give you a med called Versaid. It is a form of valium that has an anesthia effect. So you may be awake, but not remember the surgery.

Please do your research and weigh all the options! Let me know what you decide!