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Leslie, I may have to try those heat pads. I will try anything at this point.

Clover, this sounds so terrible. I kind of have my mini pharmacy. I have soma, flexeril, robaxin, and valium. We tried so many different types of muscle relaxer's over the course of 1 1/2 years. I can not take a full pill of any of these meds or I end up being drugged up. I generally split them in 1/2 unless the pain is waaaaaay out of control or I just need to sleep. I find 1/2 of the robaxin and soma worked best. The flexeril and valium make me extremely drugged the next day and I do not like the effect.

I do not like to take meds unless I really have to as a rule.
I hope your appointment goes well and the Dr has some answers for you. The valium made me emontional. I did not see where it helped much at all but at this point it was better than Soma.

Hope you have a wonderful day
I understand the sensativitiy to the muscle relaxors...can't take them myself, they just knock me out...gone...and make me stupid when I wake up...also cann't take valium...it drops my b/p to nothing for some reason..not good..
The heat patches do help somewhat..and last all day...I use them when I travel, or am having a really bad day. My last resort is the ice pack...
Hope you can get to the bottom of this fast...feel better.