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Oh doesn't it seem like the more they do , the more pain that comes. Trying to change your whole body alignment. It just seems like nothing helps sometimes. I feel for you not being able to wear teeth. I don't know how old you are but I'm 52 and this is the worst thing that has happened to me.

It seems like no one really listens to you either. It also seems like when the treatments they give you, they kinda make it sound like its your fault or something even tho at the beginning of the treatment they sound so positive they can help you ya know.

I live in Mid Michigan.

I'm not sure I like the NM dentist either, I like her , its just the treatment they do, which the tens. Seems to make me feel worst somehow. I don't know why they need to do the tens to do a bite adjustment. Seemed to make sense at first, but not now so much.

Yes when you see a new tmj dentist then they send you to their chiro or osteopath and the whole treatment plan changes ya know. Its no wonder our bodies won't adapt. Too many changes, jaw to far back or too far forward. Then they all have a different idea of where your bite should be.

They I have a neuro and family dr. that just doesn't understand what I'm going throught. And the money. My poor husband hasn't really had a wife for the last year and a half. Half the time I can barely function.

I am going to go back to the prolo guy who did the shots so he can feel my head, maybe it did open up and my problems are really my neck , I'm not sure.

I bet your head feels weird going through all these treatments hey? I mean I'm sure it takes a few day for your nervous system to calm down after these treatment.

I think one of my next steps is to have that back molar removed- no dentist wants to but it just a big hunk of metal filling and I get a metal taste from it.
and I think it interferes with my bite somehow. I also think my bite is too high for me, but the dentist seem to like the increase in verticle dimension.

Most times I don't even want to eat anymore.

Thank god for the valium my neruo gives me, but she is very strick about it, heck I never took any meds until now.

Another thing that bugs me is I see all kinds of people with poor posture, poor teeth and missing teeth that have no problems like this. I take vitamins and have always taken good care of myself and really have no other health problems except MS. I know a lot of people with dentures that that have problems and they have been wearing them for years.

I pray eveyday for guidance but am getting very discouraged.

I wish we were closer so we could figure this out together.
I just reread your other post and it sounds like you had over dentures with the back molars remaining for support- to act like implants? I guess you may be wondering now if you should just get them pulled.

Sounds like the original plan was to put implants on the front and crowns and the crowns didn't work-made it worst and then they filed them down and put overdentures. Wow what you have been throught.

I have read where they can use neural therapy on gum tissue , I should ask him about that when I see him Tues. Like on the ant front where you feel its torqued, maybe from scar tissue and neural therapy is suppose to break the scar tissue down. I don't know how it works, I'm curious to see if he thinks my head bones have movement now as I don't know how to feel if they expanded at least some. I know its still tight on the back Right. I am just going to question him on Tues and have him feel my head. If I get more shots I need my husband to drive me- too painful for me to drive home afterwards.

I have been reading about low level laser too about it working much like the shots to encourage tissue to act normal and repair itself. No one around me uses it that I know of except a chiro in Detroit, but I read how someone had their tmj cured in just 3 visists, they couldn't even open their mouth and after 3 visits , they could open and no pain. Sounds too good to be true.

I don't know what I would do if I were you. I know they want you to keep your teeth, but I know people with full dentures that seem to have no problems. I have a full upper thats fine and I have a small upper tori. I still need to go every 3 months to have my remaining lowers cleaned, which I'm sure you need to to. Are you gums in the lower front so bad that you couldn't get mini implants. You mentioned they were uneven from bone grafts.

Man to get overdentures again and then have to turn around and get them pulled would be another awful experience.

If my front lower teeth go I may get mini implants but the big ones scare me too much or I'll just use lots of glue.

See I had some gum removed Jan of last year on the R. back on top (aveloplasty) to make room for bigger teeth there, I wonder if that isn't pulling somehow, you know scar tissue.

I do have valium and vicodin and I do take valium esp. when I'm spasming a lot, like if I have to talk, or if I need to calm myself down as you know this is stressful.

Oh no I could never work in this condition and luckily I'm on SSD for the MS. At this point just makeing my dr. and dental visits is about the only place I go.

I can only imagine how uncomfortable you must be tho now with no teeth in the front and low ones in the back.

Hey don't blame yourself, I'm sure you thought you were doing the best thing, and they push braces and esp. push implants now.
Thelma - sorry haven't been on the puter, just not been feeling up to it. Had more shots and a neuro appoint. No news to report, except she doens't want to give me any more valium, well thats the only thing that helps. I've only been on it for 3 months and take maybe 2-5mg tabs a day.

I am like you, never feel good after an adjustment. I am so scared of people touching me. I am like you, if I have a body adjustment, I hurt everywhere. I know when I was having all those osteo cranial treatments I would feel sometimes like I was having a stroke afterwards. I never felt good after one. Our poor bodies are not made to go throught all these changes I think.

I had made an appoint with another tmj dentist is town 3 months ago , and in the meantime had started with the NM dentist. Had 2 treatments with her, althought she is nice, ya know she didn't even feel my joints and I hate that tens machine she puts you on. Anyway the other guy today said my jaw is still too far back and he said he will make me a new lower denture to start with. He had me open my mouth wide and now I have pain on the L. side. This is getting so darn old.

Th NM dentist said to take my teeth out at night and the new guy said to leave them in. Whos right and whos wrong. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Sometimes I just want to curl up in my bed and stay there. Between the head shots and the neuro who doens't understand, and the dentist and their differences of opinion , and the chiros , it just gets so darn old. No one understands either, well you look find, they just don't get it ya know.

I wish I had some disease that just needed an operation. So much easier. Just seems the more I do to get better, the worst I get. I know you understand.

Now to decide which dentist to follow up with. I do believe my jaw may be back to far, and this dentist today did understand how the head bones and neck come into play whereas the neuromuscular one didn't seem to and really never asked about neck issues and she thought the head bone stuff was crazy. If I get a new lower partial I'm having that back molar pulled thats nothing but mercury anyway.

Oh Lordy, aren't you getting tired of all this. I know I am.
Oh I hate that when I type a long something then have to redo.
So is the top palate part of your sphenoid bone then? So then can it
be possible our upper palates can be misplaced??

Gee your neck sounds a lot like mine cept I have bone spurs at c6-7. After several people looking at it tho they say its proabley not my neck but I wonder it thats not part of the problem. I have started sleeping on my back and neck pillow again. I do think according to xrays my c-spine is curved more not as lordoctic which is good, also I'm trying to hold my head up and back.

Wow, yes my L. hip seems like its more forward, but the chiro says its not. I can feel it tho. Use to be my L. leg was shorter now he says they are even. It doesn't feel right does it, what does your chiro say about it? I can feel it in the way my pants pull. I don't wiggle since I have no butt!!!!! I look awful, always weighted 120 , but now around 106. I try to eat healthy and take quite a few vitamins and water.

I could never handle the traffic around New York. If I go clear accrosss town it can take me a hour, since I don't use the express ways. But it is in no way like NY- a much slower pace here. I can only imagine how hard the parking is too. A lot of people that live there don't even own cars.

There is suppose to be this big wig specialist down by detroit, but I just can't imagine driving threre for treatment. I emailed him and he say come and stay for 2 days and get all the tests and that, and I'm sure some sort of splint, and then a visit every couple months, yea right, if the splint is wrong, the visits are a lot more ya know. But he is really advanced and offers most people a guareentee, but why oh why don't dentist around here offer tomograms, and that. Most of them don't even do xrays.

I do agree, a dentist close buy that is willing to work with you and have some knowledge of tmj. The one I saw the other day went and took classes on it and that so now he is certified to treat tmj. He does seem caring, he is a lay minister, and he didn't seem to be after what ever money I have left. His idea is to make a new lower partial to act like a splint, as I just can't wear a splint and dentures. My mouth is not that big. I think they don't realize how much room dentures take in a mouth.

Thelma maybe they can at least get the top teeth in for you, something temporay at least, I hope your ready to go next week. I just can't imagine
you going on with no teeth, where does your jaw joints know where to go, theres nothing holding them up. MY NM dentist says take dentures out at night, all my other dentist said wear dentures at night to keep my joints from decompressing- the one I seen the other day said wear them at night too, that my jaw joints are more important now than my gum tissue.

Ya know with the training the dentist have they should all be able to give a person a balanced bite that works in harmony with everything. I just think some dentist just don't realize what its like. Wish I could find one that had tmj, then they'd know how it feels, same with doctors who don't want you on any meds.
Then my neruo wants me on Lexapro and off valium, well thats a SSRI and SSRI's can cause clenching so I'm not going on that, valium is working without side effects and I've been on it for 3 months and another 3 wont hurt. Oh and she wants me on neuronting and in my opinion valium is no worst than those two meds.

Gee I wrote a book!!!! Gee you know since my upper cervical it seems like both my L. hip and L. shoulder are more forward and also my L. temporal bone is more forward. I really wonder if he did the adjustment right as I know the atlas-c1 can also be adjusted post. and anterioraly. I should have a follow up xray. Ask your chiro about that. Does he do your atlas and c1 too?
Wow - you gave a lot of info to think about - wish we were closer so we could have a good long chat and compare our similarities.

I have been saying all along I think my upper jaw and palate is misplaced and feels shifted towrds the left and tilts down on that side as well but have been told over and over that's not possible - only the lower jaw is capable of such movement. I think its very possible and they are wrong but that is just my opinion.

My weight went from 135 down to 105 in 4 months when this started. Now I am back up to around 120 but think it is due to the amitriptyline since anti-depressants do cause weight gain similar to steriods. I'm still limited to a very soft diet though. My right leg is shorter and now I wear a lift in my shoe to compensate for it - I'm not supposed to wear sandals or go barefoot at all and need to even keep the lift in my slipper per the chiro's instructions. The chiro basically said the hips and pelvis mirro the jaw - quite like what you mentioned at one time. The fact that I feel a jerky movement when I walk in that area does seem similar to what is going on in my mouth when I open and close it as well. I know this will sound strange but I alos noticed in addition to one hip being more foward so is one shoulder and breast.

I am in a rural suburb 20 miles north of NYC but a nearby county about 20 miles east of me has better drs in general - its where I grew up as well - both my current tmj dr and chiro are there as well as my regular MD - and I know the county fairly well so am finding it somewhat easier to travel and don't feel as much like a "foreigner" when I am there.

I have never heard of dentists, especially orthodontists, not having a tomogram. Have you checked with some of your local hospitals, clinics and imaging or radiology centers?

Making you a newer lower partial to act as a denture and splint is a lot like what my tmj dentist is trying to do. Although he had tmj when he was younger so he understands what the pain is like he still has his own teeth and I am not sure he realizes just how small my mouth really is. He says I have a "collapsed" bite so I guess the idea is to give the jaw and joints support by building everything up - but bigger isn't always better - I don't think my facial muscles can tolerate that much stuff in my mouth and that is what partially causes the spasms. I wish I could make my own teeth. Sometimes I get fanthom sensations of how my teeth used to feel and where they were, how they met each other, etc. The tmj dr calls it propreception - a memory sensor of the brain and the central nervous system. He said that people whose bite tended to be towards the back teeth and not the front teeth develop a stronger sense of propreception and have more problems adapting to different bite patterns than others.

There was a thread on the dental problems forum that asked how many people wear their dentures at night and how many don't - the responses were split 50-50. I think it has to be based on what works for each inidividual. I know my parents always wore theirs at night and the few times my mother had to leave them out b/c of gum sores she complained of a headache and neck and jaw pain for a few days afterwards.

I resisted meds in the beginning - that's the first thing everyone prescribed - no one ever prescribed valium but I did try morphine - go figure - and it gave me horrid nightmares and what felt like hallucinations or weird thoughts. I wanted to try neurontin though since many have said it does help with nerve pain.

This chiro does not adjust my atlas - so far only my cranial bones, sternum and durum. I am going to ask him about the sphenoid bone when I go this tuesday as well as your question and if he knows of others with his training in your area or how to find similar drs.
Hi - Sorry I've not gotton back , but just not feeling the best. Sounds like you are making process but its a painful road also it sounds. Hey get some over the counter benadryl or trazodone is a good sleeping aid. I've been taking trazodone the last two nights instead of the valium as I do have a hard time falling alseep, my anxiety is so high as I bet yours is.

Do you sleep on your back with a cervical pillow.
I found a chiro in Grand Rapids that does the Blair technique and also upledger sacral thereapy. It is 70 miles - he is suppose to really be good at helping people with TN and Merineres. I am going to send him my xrays and see what he says. He said he'll check them for free.

I also got my teeth cleaned by my periodontist I've been seening for the last several years. He can't understand why I'm not better. He asked me to quit all treatments for the next two months and quit checking my bite. I'm not sure I can do that, people just don't realize what its like. Yes I have become obsessed but that is because I can't go on like this.

I see the DO on Thurs and instead of the shots on the head, I'm going to ask for some on the neck. I somehow feel that is an area of some of the problem.
the shots on the head don't seem to be working, when hes done he said the R. temporal bone is loose, but a week later its tight again. Well why is it tight again- theres a problem somewhere causing that.

I'm glad he gave you the go ahead to start some dental work, I mean they can just make temp stuff so you at least have teeth in your mouth, my gosh,
no sense spending a forturne till your sure what you need.

Oh my periodontist said take teeth out at night, everyone says something different. Gets very very frustrating.
On another message board, on fibro, there was a girl there that said she went to the doc I see in two weeks and she told others on the message boards that everyone with fibro should see a good tmj dentist . I found this by putting his name on a search engine.
In their news letter I got there were several testimonials there with people who had fibro, so yes I think tmj does cause fibro like symptoms. their newsletter also said they treat people from over 300 zip codes and even from outside of the US. Sure sounds good hey.

I sent the chiro in Grand Rapids my xrays last week and he emailed me and said I need work on C6 also , he does the blair upper cervical technique and I guess he is good with Merineres patients. He said he may be able to find me transportation to Grand Rapids. I guess he treats people from all over too.
He also does the cranial as he said it goes hand in hand with the upper cervical.

I don't know if I should see that dentist first or go for a chiro visit first- never know what to do anymore.

So yes I do think tmj can cause fibro, and I think a lot of peole with fibro have tmj as an underlying cause. My friend has dizziness, nausea, pain all over(fibro) and she says neuropathy althought shes only 51, not diabetic and doesn't smoke and no cardiac probs- so I doubt that, headaches and ear problems, is on a lot of meds, and I tell her about tmj but she says my joints don't click and she just dismisses it. Maybe she has tmj. I can't believe the meds shes on, and my neruo throws a fit when I ask for more valium. I guess you need to know the right doctors.

On this new dentist form they sent me it asked who referred you and I put your Dentist name down, hope thats ok.
Wow so happy for you. So now you do need to have that root canal redone maybe-I sure hope not.
What a nice compliment. I bet your face looks more even and less stressed from the decrease in pain, thus you look 10 years younger. I know I have aged sinced this has all started- just the stress of it all is enough
With all you have gone throught I agree take it slow now. Temp teeth are the way to go and cheaper until you know its right. So now he has to build some teeth up. Wow it sure sounds like a lot of dental to be done.

Your lucky your dentist has a tomogram- hey at the point any money to pay for a diagnostic test if it will help is worth it as you don't want to have to go through this again. I wish mine did. never had one done as no one here has one, and I called MSU an UM. I don't think the new doc does either and she said pan, ceph and neck but maybe he has a tomogram.

Just got home from the NM dentist. I said I don't want the tens and she said just for 15 mins and I ended up an hour on it. I just took a valium, my bite feels worst right now. I go back in 2 weeks but next week see the other guy- I didn't tell her I was going to see him, but will wait to see what he thinks. I don't want her to feel bad but what she is doing isn't cutting it and she so sweet and knows my husband as he did the interior of her office building a few years ago, and she is surely trying her best. And if shes putting herself out there as a tmj doctor any new info should be benificial to her.

My nutritional assessment came back good, just a little low in antioxidants- so thats not the problem. I take so many supplemens and try to eat right,
but its hard to get the fruit and veggies sometimes.

Why oh why is my bite never balance, one side always heavier than the other- if someone could figure that out I'm be on my way too.

I sure hope now with your teeth he can get you a blanced bite. Does he have one of those bite adjustment computers, the tek-scan? Does he use the vector force technique that the doctor I am go to see developed- I guess I read how he can adjust every vertebrae with his technique, problably won't work with dentures tho.
Well TL- you should can be a great souce of info on this board with your past exp. and progress, so far I have not much to add. I'm glad your here because you know so much about this stuff and we have the same type of problems.
Natural Calm is just magnesium supplement that is better absorbed than pills, whereas they say the pill aren't absorbed well. I got it at the health food store, the girl said they can't keep it on the shelves.

They say to take up to 3 tsp. a day , the first day I took one and my stomach started to rumble. The last two days I took one in the morning and one at supper, I take it with food. I thought I'd try it thinking that maybe I'm not getting enough mag compared to calcium. I do feel somewhat of a calming effect around 15 mins after taking it. They say to go slow and if you have the runs in the morning thats too much and go back down. I do feel it eases my facial spasms. Hadn't had a valium in two days so maybe its working.

I kinda know what you mean about the uneveness and you tongue wants to play. When my dentures are out I'm uneven too and it feels weird, of course this morning when I put my dentures in I just hit on the very back. Its awful when your bite is so off isn't it. Its no wonder we have so many problems.My dentures feel so unbalanced now, I wonder how it will be for you when you get teeth, it may be hard to adjust to at first. I know I'll be needing either a new upper or a lower partial (hope not both) but I feel for you since you need so much work done on your molars.

Yes when I researched AK and accupuncture I read where each tooth represents a organ or area of the body. Some site had a reference to each tooth and where it went. You can probably find it on the web. What kind of pills did he give you?

Isn't it amazing how our bite affects our body, seems everytime I get an adjustment my I can feel my spine change.

I pray at my appoint Wed. he says I can see your problem, you need this or that or just a bite adjustment, probably too much to ask for. I'm nervous and anxious about what he has to say.
Oh I wonder if that is causing your neck being unstable if you have no bite on the molars like that. See funny thing hey, the first tmj dentist I went to felt touching on the front was the most important and wasn't even going to put my last molars on my dentures, but the dentist I see now thinks the molar support is the most important from what I gather. Everyone has said something different- so darn confusing.

I also wonder how is your dentist going to find your right verticle. Where is he going to start, maybe put a soft mold in your mouth and have you bite on that?

I went to the shot doctor and he did prolotherapy on my neck, one shot in the head and one on the sore tailbone spot. I am really humming now- so what made it worst the shots in the neck or him playing with my head-now I'm confused. He said the prolo will streghten my neck and maybe rule out if the humming is coming from that. I need to take 5000mg of Vit C a day and his daily vit. plus all my other vitamins, I didn't even ask how many neck treatments I'll need but he did say even if the neck isn't the main problem it will streghten the ligaments.

Hope you enjoyed your hot tub visit yesterday. I bet that does your muscles good.

That was good you took care of your parents and grandparents, I'm sure it wasn't easy working and going to school. At least now you know you did all you could for them. It always does seem to fall on the sibbling most able to do it. Hey, being an idependent woman is good, but you never know, your still young. Meeting someone now I'm sure is the last thing on your mind, once
you feel better tho I'm sure you'll start dating and meet someone to do things with. I have a SIL that never married and she also is the one that out of the 8 kids takes care of my MIL. We help with finances but we don't live there whereas the other 7 kids do, but she ends up doing everything for her, the other one are too busy.

You know I was never the type that really really wanted kids, I thought I probably would, but the timing never was right, and now I don't regret not having kids. Really with the child support we paid for 16 years we couldn't afford kids of our own.

Man you better rest up this week, sounds like you got a heck of a week next week. I know about missing family stuff. You hate to go but hate not to. Its so hard when you don't feel like talking and eating.

I go back on Thurs , my bite doesn't feel balanced tho, but I will just wait.

Just got a call from my neuros office, she won't prescribe me anymore valium, would rather me on neuronting and baclofen and antidepressant instead of valium prn. I guess I'll see what my family doctor will do. Ugh.

Wanted to ask you. How much Baclofen do you take and is it relaxing your muscles? Maybe I should switch to that.
Sorry I haven't posted sooner - kind of in a funk lately about not making much more progress and frustrated with people in general who just don't get how terrible the tmj pain and spasms are. They don't seem to realize how much effort it takes to just do normal things or to be able to think clearly for more than 15 mins w/o a spasm, muscle twitch or sudden eye pain, etc interrupting your thoughts. I guess it must be difficult to understand how widespread the symptoms can be and their ability to change from day to day - I guess I wouldn't believe it either if I wasn't experiencing it.

How did your appt go yesterday?

I take 10 mgs of baclofen 2x daily - it doesn't help stop the spasms but dulls the pain and your senses at the same time. I don't really see it as a muscle relaxant though. I take 2-4 aleve during the day as well.

I also take triavil - its amitryptiline and a anti-depressant combined - it makes me sleep so I only take it at night - the funny thing is though I will wake up several times during the night b/c of my arms and legs jerking - but if I take the Tylenol PM with it - I don't feel the jerking as much and feel like I get more sleep. I'm probably going to OD from mixing meds one day - if the tmj doesn't kill me first. Wonder just how much can the body take before it will take its toll - I know I certainly feel older and worn out after 3 yrs of this. I never was prescribed valium - had it once for a surgical procdedure and liked it though. I liked vicodin as well but my PCP dr only gave me enough for 2 weeks since its so addicting.

Hope you are feeling OK if not better after your appt. Let me know how things are going when you can.
I figured you probably werent feeling too well, I know when I dont I dont bother getting on the computer. I agree nobody understands what its like. Sometimes I just want to be out of my body, I'm sure you know what I mean.

I read where triavil can cause jerking on the legs at night, wonder if thats what its doing for you. Did you have the jerks before you started on it. Have you tried tranzodone, that is suppose to be a good sleeper?

I see my family dr. tomorrow, if not valium then flexeril would be ok. Baclofen doesn't seem to help me much either.

Well its strange, one day I hit heavy on the right, then the left and back and forth.its like my teeth never want to line up. Since my last appoint I have jerking in the L. hand more too I notice. I am wearing the splint all the time. When I take it out I feel like I don''t have teeth althought its a skinny splint. I really think I should get another neck xray and see where my atlas is. But pretty much symptoms are the same.

Well this is your busy week hey? I bet your not looking forward to it. I imagine your tired of the visits same as me- just gets so old. I see the dentist Thurs again. I got to renew my Norton antivirus todaY- MAKES me nervous, hope it doesn't screw up my computer. I don't know much about computers so anytime I do something it seems I mess something up! so if you don't hear back from me you'll know why.
Glad you had a nice visit at you brothers.

Oh boy I feel for you, having the cleaning done I hate to have my teeth cleaned anymore, I hate to even brush sometimes. I bet you kinda wish you would of just had that molar pulled hey. Money money money- seems like an endless pit.

I wonder where your atlas is now, now that he is working on it. I agree the nausea is due to the atlas. I would get that feeling sometimes after having my neck worked on. I feel we have the same problems, our cranial vault and atlas are not aligned. So anytime they work on the head, pain, and anything they work on the neck pain. Also thats why I feel any change in the bite is not tolerated by us. I have too much fear of another chiro, except the one in Grand Rapids but I am not going to drive there. When I went to hastings I wanted his professional opinion and then I went with a splint and that was a mistake I feel. I feel I'm just better off with someone in town. He touches my l. leg and because it hurts he adjusts my splint on the right. Shoot all I want is to be able to eat without head pain. And this splint is feeling so off now, and this guy doesn't seem to listen to a word I say and skates around my questions.

This is sur real and is just ruining my life. I just tolerate too much of it anymore.

Your dentist does seem to be taking his time. I feel like you, as I am not going to drive to hastings for several months without some results.
I had made an appoint with this osteopath who has been doing cranial for years and teaches it, I made the appoint two months ago (pretty much forgot about it)and Fri is my appoint so I guess I'll see what she says. The other doctor mainly just puts shots in my head, but maybe if she works on my bones right after the shots she can get them lined up. I am still convinced my head bones and the atlas are the root of my problems as whenever someone even touches my head the I get the high pitch and the R. head pain and trobbing are still constant, and my R. jaw pulls to the right so my temporal bones are not in place.

I'm curious what the OS has to say! shoot maybe he may have a solution for you. I just keep thinking The Good Lord is going to send us to someone, thats why I kept that appoint for Fri- was going to cancell, but then I thought maybe just maybe she can see excately what my problem is.

This is just crazy. Its a big decision to change dr. , you have a year invested with him and 3 hours is a long way to drive when your not feeling well. Thats how I feel about hastings, I just don't feel well to keep driving there.

Adding: I have been sitting here thinking about all this. My shot doctor did a neck xray on me fri, need to go and see him and I have just been thinking of just not wearing any splint that makes me worst, and just concentrate on my head bones and just leave the bottom partial out until I can get my head and neck on straight.
My poor family doctor just ordered a lot of lab wok on me and he was nice enough to reorder my valium, he is so understanding. I think I'll continue to get the head and neck shots and the head bone treatments. Also i think about just finding a caring dentist here to at least make and adjustment here and there. Having these head treatments and then wearing teeth that are wrong just keeps screwing eveything up I think.

I question if either of us really have tmj, but we have displaced head bones and neck- what do you think?
the dura is the membrane that surrounds your cranium and holds the cerebral spinal fluid. Sounds like you and I have the same problem, I call it torqued head. My R. head bones are higher than the L. which torques everything, and I wonder if thats why I feel like I hit heavy on the L. when she says I hit heavy on the R. is because my bones are higher on that side. Most of my problems are on the R. side tho but also on the left. Sounds like your bridge caused your right head to go up just like those other dentures caused mine to go up. Gee its frustrating hey. I sometimes wonder if I just wouldn't rather have the regular tmj.

With my other cranial treatments I use to come home and be dizzy and feel awful and even feel faint sometimes --really bad, with this osteo not so much. Yes she worked on my pelvis, back, neck and head today. Just got a call and they got a opening for two weeks.

Hey you have every right to feel like you do, I also am feeling so angry about this and frustrated. I know what you mean. You should try to take some vits, I know its hard but if your like me your not eating. Maybe you should be on a regular muscle relaxer, baclofen didn't work well for me with this stuff. She gave me soma- it comes generic and I've been taking two a day- its cheap. I also take 5 mg of valium when I get anxious. This condition for some reason makes a person full of anxiety and lucky for me my family dr. understands, whereas my neuro wouldn't order more for me, my opinion she can be replaced.

2 k was for the splint, the rest was initial consult-400- the rest was xrays, and the treatment for the scar on my leg which hasn't been done yet and some for the initial muscle testing I believe. I need to get the bill out and look at it again.

I am going to call his office and make an appoint and have him call her before I see him, he may not want to work with anyone I don't know. I so worry about anything I have done now, like you I'm sure, will it get worst or better.

Gee I would think you'd be a bit better by now from these chiro treatments, why do we have to get worst before better???????????????????

Gee it looks like about 800 was for muscle testing.
TL- I'm going to the health food store tomorrow (if I feel up to it )for some more Natural Calm (mag supplement) and tart cherry juice, I'll check the liquid calcium. I take the Os Cal and have been crushing it with a spoon- they are huge!! I never heard of liquid cal but that would be nice. That natural calm isn't cheap but I think it helps so I need it, and I just started the tart cherry juice a month ago, it has no added sugars, and is very high in antioxidants- also good for arthritis I guess.

Boy we sure do have a lot in common, uneven gums, and I somehow think that has to do with the bite. Wish I never had the aveloplasty now too, but you do what they recommend, what do we know , we are not dentist and just want to do what will help us.

My osteo gave me the soma and I can't really tell much when I take it, I can drive and everything on it. When I'm really bad I take a valium, but that is when I stay home.

OH the New York inspections, my husband just bought a truck from New York that was on **** and we paid them to deliver it, we ordered a carfax report and we seen it had a few inspections, we don't have those here in MI. thank goodness, one less thing to worry about. Glad you remembered it and I bet its a relief when you pass .

Yes I find when I'm spasming and trobbing alot I just can't concentrate.

My husband is off for a few weeks so he can do the outside lights this year!!! I usually do it.

Gee I wonder if you dogs think "Boy we got a dud here" Ha Ha just kidding. I bet they are so happy just to have a wonderful home. I think animals can sense if your not feeling well too.

Well time for the pjs and tv. No dentist for a few week, but the osteo next thurs.
Hi- just got back from Pt- the third girl I've had in 3 visits. I don't like that. I am just trobbing. I told her not to passive stretch and twirl my neck and she just kept on.
Nice girl but she made me so tense (she was young)- I only want highly experienced people working on me from now on.

Oh you can tell if its earnest or eagles by pushing on the pressure points which I think you must of seen the pics on the net. I really noticed how painful I was when they did the ultrasound the first time. Very painful right in back of the right ear , right in front of the lower right ear and along the right jawline and neck that it about brought tears to my eyes.

I think that was the root of my problems with the oringinal earpain then I went to redi care and he pressed so hard on my jaw that my tmj joint then hurt and then with all the tmj treatments I do have tmj now. Also I think when that one dentist was pulling my jaw so far forward, my tm joint ligaments may have been stretched on each side.

So test for the tender point around your neck. I am bringing my book for the dentist and my osteopath to see. And then I think I will start having prolo on those areas, as soon as my bite is more stable as my right side hits so heavy now.

The only thing from now that I'm going to let pt do is ultrasound. I figure I'm in charge now and I don't need different people pulling and yanking on my neck. You can tell I'm pissed. I just took a valium to help settle it down.

Oh I know what you mean for the extra few bucks get a new battery put in. Thats what I did. I just can't stand my car out of commission, not that I go anywhere except to dr. and get groceries.

When you turn 50 get a bone scan, say you smoke and your diet is terrible and you have lost weight- which is true, are you post memopausal- thats another reason to have it done so insurance will pay for it or its $180. I take the oscal 1200 mg a day and the most important thing he said is the 50,000 iu of vit d3 I take every week. I was really expeciting worst results. I try to eat a yogurt a day and I take around 400-500 of mag a day. I also do the vit c-500 mg twice a day, hight b stress tabs twice a day,and I'm going to start back up on the Glucosamine, chrondrotin. I feel like I'm a chemical factory for we need those vitamins to heal I feel.

Let me know if you feel the pressure points.

Oh to dream about dental visits has got to be a nightmare. Its bad enough you have to think about this all day long.

Oh its suppose to warm up here, I bet your dogs are getting cabin fever. Its been a bad winter so far here, I want Spring too, but I want to feel better by then.
Hi- I don't know whats wrong with me- I came online and couldn't find our post for some reason, duh, I had checked twice and you hadn't responded yet so I was waiting.

"it just feels like the upper jaw is facing one way and the lower jaw another"
boy I couldn't of said it any better myself, that is kinda like the way I feel.

Oh your chiro said he couldn't fix you overnight, well hes been trying for several months, but I got the same this this am- the osteopath said its going to take time- well what another 10 years, you can tell I'm frustrated.

Had to cancell my apointment in Hastings last week due to weather and proabably the one tomorrow as well as more snow tonigh and my appoint. is at 9:30 and Hastings is the snow belt.

he was suppose to check to see if I could wear the splint he made me and he said no it was torqueing me, and the osteopath told me to put it in today and she said to ask him to even it out. Well I'll see what he says.

I think I know the crazy sensations you speak of, it does kinda freak you out as the symptoms change from one hour to the next sometimes. I especially hate the dizziness I get at times. I try to calm myselft down by telling myself its all muscles, and if that doesn't work I take a valium, which I try not to take.

I picked up some valerian the other day for when I can't sleep, kinda afraid to try it. Thelma that sounds awful, maybe you need something stronger for sleep. Are you still taking a muscle relaxer, I thought you were on Flexeril, would one of those at night help you sleep better. Hey I hate the Valium but I have given up, I just figure I need it and will worry about it till I feel better, but if I'd feel better I wouldn't need it. It is so important for us to get a good relaxing nights sleep, not tossing and turning all night.

I have been seeing him since Aug. so yes I'd like some answers. The osteo today said I'm not ready to try new dentures yet, but these really do not fit right now.

Have you been back to your dentist or are you going to soon? As I write this I hope your feeling better, then just to go and get adjusted again tomorrow. Seems kinda like a merry go round doesn't it.
Well in a way you sound like me. The dentist has filed my back teeth down, but still on the same side I feel heavy and like my teeth jam on that side and that is my worst side.
the other side I feel like I barely touch. Usually when I leave the dentist they feel even but shortly after not. Thats why I think its a problem with the lower partial on that side.
A couple dentist, the first one and the one I had a consult with said its not important for the back teeth to touch, just the front. I just don't know.
I think its our lower jaws that are moving, one dentist said it because of interference on one side, now with me it may be the partial- boy don't you wish you would of went to dental school!!!!!!!!

Do you think that when they lower the back teeth that our jaws move back more?

I cancelled my appoint for tomorrow but have a 9am on Wed morning , sure hope the weather man is right!!

No I haven't tried the valerian yet, maybe tonight. Makes me nervous trying something else. Ya know I heard tranzodone is a good sleeper, and not habit forming. Maybe ask about that. My brother takes only 50mg a night, a low dose , and he says he sleeps really good. I would take it but being on valium which helps with the muscles I don't want to take too much stuff.

I too worry about doing something wrong and getting worst, cuz at least now I can function somewhat for a few hours a day. I kinda feel, as I'm sure you must, its like what is being missed, and just excately what is the right answere, then I start in to question the doctors that I'm seeing in my mind, that neither seems to know whats going on it seems.

This is not in our heads, and we are seeing highly specialized people so it really just amazes me that this is such a continuing saga.

Curious to hear how your appoint goes, better I hope. I guess theres no sense in paying for a dental visit ,if the chiro thinks your not ready.
Wow I am just astounded that the perio didn't go into more dept about his with you. I am so sorry for all this stuff and your news. Having underlining infections in your gums is not good and what are they going to do about them? I dont' understand excately how an overdenture works, guess I should look it up. So the plan is now to take care of the infections and clean the roots out and make an upper and lower over denture to fit over you teeth???

I just feell so bad, yes sometimes I just want to drink myself in oblivion, althogh I haven't had a beer or drinks in a couple years, of course my husband and family thinks thats my problem, I need to have a few drinks!!!!

My poor husband is going to Petoskey, its 250 miles but he is off work and needs to bring the 10 boxes of diapers he bought for the upcoming grandchild in a few weeks and he hasn't been up for two years due to me and his work. He wants me to come (we have never not spent a night apart in 21 years) but I told him I just can't do it. I just don't feel up to it. I told him to go alone and have a good time, it bothers me that my condition is ruining his life.

I am making an appoint with my family doctor today to try and get more valium and a referral to a spine specialist. Hopefully next week I can get my teeth balanced better and I am really thing of starting prolo then. I have got to get rid of the nerve that is pulsating in my head constantly. Of course I have the lower back thing now from the one chiro too. So if the prolo doesn't work then I just may have to have neck sx. as there is just no way I feel I can continure like this.

Like you 4 years ago I was a happy go lucky person, loved to visit and socialize and have since come to the point where even talking on the phone for any period of time is hard.

I have read nurmerous books on psychology and pain and just seems nothing helps. I just got the trigger point book from the library and have been masaging my neck muscles. I am so afraid of having neck sx as the out come is so iffy. The cortisone shots in the neck just destroy the cartilage and ligaments in the long run, may make you feel better for awhile but in the long run do more damage, which I am finding out through all my research.

I wish there was more info on prolo out there besides just the stuff written by prolo doctors, but its such a controverisal proceedure, but certaintly better in my opinoin than cortisone or surgery.

No one understand what is wrong with me, family and friends just done get it, they are thinking I'm a nut case I think- which is really not helping.

So then now are they going to tomogram your tm joints again? I am so wondering how they are going to decide on your verticle height, I guess better to go higher since they can lower the bite.

Oh Telma I feel bad as I'm sure this is not the news your wanted. Do you feel worst today from the beer?

Yes sometimes I have problems with this site, so its not you.

PS: I was just reading a couple sites about overdentures and they all refere to implants. Are you getting inplants then too?

Another PS- I just made an appoint with my Family Dr for tomorrow-I guess they take turns working on SAt. I am asking for a referral to a neck neurosx. just to see what they have to say. Of course I wouldn't want to go that route but this is getting old and I read so much about how other cervical people have the headaches, pain, ear pain and etc. I figure I may as well get a real opinion.
Hi-Good to hear from you, and that your brother will know how to fix your computer. Mine has glitches too and I try to ignore them as I have no idea what they mean. When I enter my husbands stuff I copy it to tape and print it out just in case I crash, which I did once and lost everything.

That is so rotton of your renters, how can people be like that? So then they are moving, I hope they don't think they are going to stay and not pay rent and wait for you to evict them. Some renters do that. We rented out our first little house for a couple years and it was a PIA and finally we just sold it.

Oh I feel your pain, I have the daily constant head hum and aches and spasms still too, get so darn old, been taking two valiums a day. I go for that splint today, and I just know deep down in my heart its not going to work, my teeth are too much of a mouthful as it is, and no one listens to me. I feel something is wrong with the lower partial and they just ignore me when I bring it up and I brought my oringinal dentures in last week and he said we can't go by them and I said I had no problems with them and he said they are what caused your problems.

Try some valium, at least it calms me down. I feel and get so anxious which I'm sure you do. I sometimes feel I am at the end of my rope.

Will let you know how that splint goes today. I don't see the osteo till next week so if it doesn't feel well I won't wear it. More money probably wasted.
Hi- yes its a gel splint, very skinny, problem is the side thats was lower is still lower because the splint is very thin and just covers the back teeth so my bite is still unbalanced. Of course when they tell you to bite down hard things look even, but you know how it is when you can just feel the high spots and then you change your jaw position to avoid it, just do it naturally.

Oh glad your sister realized that thing in the ear wasn't going to work, no sense adding one more stressor to her life. I feel for here, trying to figure out whats wrong.

The splint has cause the good side to hurt around the joint area . I am trying just to not touch my teeth at all.

Well I do think the headaches are coming from your neck. Same with mine, just continue pulsating, I am really beginning to think most of this came from my neck but with all the tmj treatments its caused an unbalanced an unstable bite.

Well I will need to go thru the head and neck mri in order for him to see me. I did tell the girl at the neuro sx that my symptoms are the same and she said it doesn't matter. I hope the holter monitor may help shed some light although I'm sorry it may be related to her heart. But then again she needs to find out the cause like we do.

Telma maybe you should get a further look at your neck too, just because the gardening you did started your headaches. My husband kinda insisted I go and and see a neck specialist , of which I worried he may find the pinched nerve and want to do surgery which I am terrified of.

I kinda go the impression from the tmj dentist yesterday him saying he thought it was a good thing to go to a neuro sx that he kinda thought that this isn't all tmj related.

Are you going to hired someone then to mow for you, I don't think you should be doing it the way you are.

PS- the valium just makes it more tolerable, I have some naprosyn that I think I'm going to take a few days so things may settle down.

On the pluse side for me- the osteo has really helped my lower back and pelvis, the pelvis seems more balanced now and is not hurting like it was or torqueing like it was so that is good.

Let me know what the chiro says.