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Seroquel should be upgraded to a controlled substance. Alot of my mates that do coke and abuse Rx drugs use it to get chilled out or to deal with the negative effects of other drugs...it is growing on the black market.

Whenever I take it, it seriously screws me up. Originally my psychiatrist gave me a sample pack that started at 50mg, then 100mg, then 200mg, then 300mg, then settled at a dose of 400mg split in two doses per day.

I basically passed all the time in my room alone lying on my bed, doing nothing barely able to get up and walk around, and once, after taking benadryl for allergies, I had an odd period of severe visual allusions that my xanax didn't stop, so that ended up with a trip to the ER and Valium in my veins.

It's too strong for me...it might work for someone who has serious suicidal or homicidal thoughts, but for me benzodiazepenes are still the most acceptable (and cheapest) form of control for my rage and a-go-go.

But I do take 1/2 of a 25 mg tablet up to a 25mg tablet from time to time to help with sleep.