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Ok guys advice please. Ok my day wasn't terrible I was slightly dizzy headache and tired but that wasnt terrible. Then for some wierd reason I started to worry about driving my daughter to school. I am pretty sure I would be fine but the anxiety kicked in and wouldnt leave so I had to take a valium. Any day I have to take a med is a bad one. So I will be fine tomorrow right?????????? When does this anxiety go away?? Is it odd this creeped up after only having small bouts of it here and there?? Is this going to exacerbate the dizziness or once I go to bed I will wake up fine like this morning and be able to drive? Why am I freaked out all of a sudden. I need some calming advice it is important i calm down enough to take her tomorow they are going to celebrate her bday tomorrow!!!
Still over anxious today didnt sleep well. Yes i drink coffee, i smoke, and yesterday i had a lot of candy.....One cup of coffee a day doesn't really affect my anxiety. Before this weekend I hadn't felt any anxiety in weeks. Just every so often it rears its ugly head. Just trying to stay calm enough so I dont have to take a valium before I take her to school! This damn illness!