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Ok I am sorry guys I have maybe 30 min on the comp, but i promise when I am all squared away I will be on here like i used to be which was like 4 times a day. Any ways i wondered if any of you are experiencing leg and feet swelling with pain, not just the reg. sciatica pain. I saw my primary and she started me on maxide but the sweeling is back and it feels like i am caring a ton of bricks, my doc ordered a walker for me, i can barely walk and the pain is crazy. I am wondering should i go back to primary doc on this on, cause spine doc will not address it, I also have increased numbness ad the pt lady said my l leg reflex is absent and weaker. I am a little scared and is wondering is this med related or spine related. Here are my meds: Duragesic patch 75mcg every72 hr, norco every 6 , valium 10 mg every 8 as needed, topamax 50 mg at bedtime and nortrtypline 100 mg at bedtime, will start wellbutrin next week.
Thanks again