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I too have an eye problem that no one seems to be able to resolve. I have a sense of dizzyness 24/7. If I look to the right laterally, I will feel a buzzing/pulsating/electrical feeling coming from my left eye. It's very difficult to describe the sensation. I also sense that there is a lessening in sound from my left ear when this "electrical" feeling occurs. It too has a "beat."

My right side has another problem! Three years ago, spontaniously (sp?), I felt a "gush" of fluid go into my right ear. Later on, I noticed that my right pupil had dilated. The pupil does, however, react to light and will contract properly. This gives me another sensation of heaviness on the right temple, a pulling from the eye and a sense of dizzyness. When I have a "good" day, the pupil is normal size and the dizzyness lessens.

My tale is actually incomplete. I would need my own web page to go into all the details! I have seen countless neurologists, neurotologists, eye doctors, neuro-opthamologists etc. etc. etc. I live in NYC and have been seen by prominent doctors.

To date, the buzzy/electrical/pulsating feeling is supressed by my taking zoloft. I also discovered that valium will surpress it as well. My right eye problem is not resolved yet but I have not given up on finding out what is wrong.