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Sorry to hear about your kitty,men don't understand the bond we have with our animals.

I am having crappy day!!!!!!!!Finally Home Health came out and took the port out of my arm.They had no paper work processed.They didn't get the neuro's scripts for oral prednisone taper down,every muscle south of the boarder is in spasms,worse than usual,I have throwed up all day.Just from the solu-medrol with drawl.Plus I'm shaky,winny,and very emotional,Plus my pain level hit the 20+ level.I've had no sleep and the only thing thats keeping my sanity is my valium.

Each day I see this dang disease take my legs,they just keep getting weaker and my kids wanna sit around and whine because its hot!!!Heck if I could go out I would.Plus I'm having an EMOTIONAL time with my daughter leaving in a week,my kids think I'm psycotic.

SO Sorry to vent!!!Dang gone steroids.

Thats okay about the jobs,you know who you are and thats the most important thing.You need to sit back and look at it as interveiw experience,and this disease can take everything from us but our knowledge.

Its their loss,don't beat yourself up,you're a great person.Doors will open.I promise!These doors are not meant for you at this time.Ya know they say the Lord may close the door but eventually will open the window.The money you spent will come back to you!!!!!

I hope these steroids help you.I'm glad you are laughing,because I've done nothing but cry all day.

My hubby is an A** and I just want him to leave,he just don't get it.He blames me for everything,his career the whole 9 yards.And today is not the day to piss with me.And he ain't seeing it.Oh if this man don't leave this room I'm gonna catipult his butt right out of the recliner he's in through the front door.OHHHHH he's on my last nerve and that nerve ain't a good one either.

Its just not been a good day and I know things will get better for the both of us.Its just one of these Dog days of summer!!!!!

I know the flint area well,loved to shop there.
I lived in Lapeer county,Imlay city,nice quaint town.But now in a nice quiet little corn town in OHIO.AND yes its hot!!!!!!!!!!97 and a 100% humidity.

The thought was wonderful a Gin and 7 sounds great about now.


Glad your kitty is home and you got to snuggle with her some.I don't tink my dog could fit under a bed(LOL).She's a 140 pound newfoundland.But the heat is really bothering her.

Great job on the account,bosses stink!!!He better appreciate all your hard work.

I hope your steroids work,and I get over this with drawl.I've got a migraine from hey-day and don't feel well at all.I have contriplating on checking into the ER.I just don't feel right,everything is out of balance.I can't even keep my balance and my vision sucks and it was getting better.Everything seems to be getting worse as the day has went on.I was okay this morning.

Maybe tomorrow it will lesson some.Back to the pain pills,valium and my couch.Oh,the leg pain,it seems that the steroids target my legs.

My home health nurse did bring info on solu-medrol and one side effect of it was muscle pain,and spasms,plus weakness.Sometimes I wonder if its worth it.All these meds and crap.