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Hi onyx,so when is the day again,i forgot.do you have longer hair?if so,considering the type of surgery you will be undergoing,you may just want to pull it all back into a big ponytail that kinda sits on the back,towards the top of your head so its just out of the way and you wont have to deal with it.i seriously doubt that after undergoing a craniotomy that they will even allow you to wash your hair for at least the first few days.

i don't know how mobile you will be after that,do you have to lie flat fro a period of time before they will let you sit up or anything?i had to lie flat for the first four days after they cut into my spinal cord.i used to bring my own robe and slippers but stopped doing that only becasue they have you wear those little bootie things like 24/7 and the little bit of time you are usually up,they just throw one of those lovely robes at you,and you just put it on out of habit.i NEVER used my own robe for some reason so i skppied it,haven't missed it either.

you may want to grab a TV guide or something so you know whats up on the tube.and i double that lip balm thing.hospitals are just really really dry and my lips suffered too.luckily i had carmex that my mom had and gave me or i would have died.i DID pack at least some of my meds for alot of reasons.sometimes things just do not go as planned,trust me on that one.orders get lost and stupid nurses are just stupid,tho the majority are great.i have just had some really bad experiences thru out my surgerys and procedures.i wouldn't bring the fent tho,but if you have any BT meds those i would pack a few of.and i personally bring some valium with me now ALWAYS(since stupid nurse couldn't find the order for the valium PRN that my surgeon wrote so she left me in severe 'demonic' spasms one day,caused the need for a brand new surgery when all the inside stitches tore out of my knee. just lovely really).they should be managing your pain pretty well with a PCA.i hope you have already discussed that part with the surgeon???

i am sure everything will go well for you onyx,i will be awaiting your very first post when you get back from the hospital,just a few words so i know you are okay,K?if i think of anything else that you may need,i will give you a holler.take care hon,Marcia