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I did the exact same thing . I read up on discograms as much as I could and then I found this message board. I was petrified from May 24th up until June 12th (the day of). I truly believe the fear was worse than the procedure. The reason I was so scared was because they told me it would be painful and I could not have any sedation. Well, before I left the house at 6am, I took a 2mg tablet of valium. Otherwise I would have freaked out. I have two torn discs, L4 and L5. The bottom one is the worst. The neurosurgeon believes that my chronic joint pain and spasms are due to the torn in L5. I've had pain and have been disabled for 8 years. I'm glad I finally know what's wrong with me. It's been a few weeks now since the discogram. I was truly traumatized by the whole thing. It was like a nightmare. I'm going to have 2 nerve blocks and then a rhizotomy where they will burn the nerves around my joints. This has to be the light at the end of the tunnel. I know I may need a fusion down the road, but for right now, I just want to be pain free. Good luck to all of you. Pam