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i've just joined the message boards - glad I could find somewhere to get some advice - after being told four years ago that need all my teeth Ihave decided to do something about it - I have been searching the internet about implants for years as at 46 I just do not feel ready for dentures - I am due to be paid out on a compensation claim for a car accident so thought I would invest in implants - searched and searched the internet and went to a dental clinic in windsor - massive peridontal disease - lots of work to do and would take around 2 years to get my mouth in good shape - cost for just the top jaw which is in bad shape is 32 thousand pounds - I am finding it hard to find if that is good or not - if I keep going for second opinions it is costing me a fortune - and I am very dental phobic - so they agreed to give me valium to spend an hour in the hygenists chair and begin - where do you find out whether this dentist is good or not - this will be more money than I've ever had and I am prepared to give it all to the dentist so I would feel well again and no more pain - but how do you check if they are any good - I can't find anything on the web except their website
any ideas