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how is your vertigo treated?
does it make you feel like a zombie?
the wifes meds meclizine and now 2 mg valium 2x a day
between the 2 shes in lala land(zombie) or always falling asleep. she still tries to work it did not work last night. i would have prefered she no try working.
she waiting for a call back from doctor again cause she does not want to take 2 mg valium 2 x a day it knocks her on her @#$. so hopefully there is something else, doubtfull nurse was saying this is how they treat vertigo. they originally want 10 mg valium holy @#$% that would nock me out. well if this fails i guess its time to get a note from docter for some kind of leave from work.:eek:
It's difficult to answer because I'm not sure if what your wife has is dizziness (feeling off-kilter, nausous etc.) or if she's having a severe bout of vertigo (room spins, vomiting, sweating etc.) If it's the latter, a course of steroids might knock it out, if has for me. If it's the former, then what she's doing is how it's treated. She might want to just try meclazine without the valium to see if this makes her less drowsy. I've had both dizziness and vertigo and they both suck. I feel for your wife and hopes it clears up very soon!