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Hi, I had a Laminectomy on July 16 07. My doc said 4 weeks and I could go back to work, but I'm still in PAIN. I know it takes about 2 to 3 months to feel better. That's the Truth. I'm Glad I did it. I had Pain for 9 months. I'm taking Codeine for the Pain, and it works and I take less now. Have to take Valium cause sometimes my back goes into spasms, which is very Common. Soon I'll be able to Stretch and Stregthen my back, so 2 weeks you can go back to work if you work and sit down all day. I stand all day so I decided to take off 4 weeks, which I go back Aug. 13th. So I am Praying for you. Stay Positive, sometimes it's Hard but that is all you can do! Any other questions about after your surgery and how you feel and if it's Normal give me type. lfgirl