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Hi, can anyone help me out??? They put me on oxycontin and valium and I don't want to be on that forever. I rather have the issue fixed. Any help will be appreciated. I am on medicare and tricare for life so insurance is notan issue. I am just sick of the pain.

Impression Cervical Spine:

Loss of vertebral body height at c5, c6, c7 with significant endplate concavities which appear essentially chronic with minimal endplate edema along the superior endplate along the posterior and right lateral aspect of the c6 vertebral body which may imply a more recent component of endplate microfracture to what is otherwise a long standing chronic process, which incidentlly noted in the thoralumber spine as well in a pattern suggestive of Scheuerman's.

Impression t- Spine:


No additional findings beyond those that seen on cervicle spine MRI with incidental note of Schmorl's nodes in thoracolumbar junction spine.