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An hour is a long time for a little one- call 911. Chances are , he may not have any past the higher risk ages for febrile seizures, but those seizures are still very hard on his little body. Can you get some rectal Valium to keep at home, to give him if he seizes more than the time designated by your MD? But still take him to the ER.

For me, I had a febrile seizure at age 16 (old buzzard to be having those then), and continued to have seizures, since the whole thing was blown off by my folks (said my wisdom teeth were coming in- yeah, right). I still have seizures often enough now that I can't work,and that has been awful. I feel so useless, when I was able to work for years. They didn't find the 'usual' mesiotemporal sclerosis lesions that often occur with febrile seizures, so don't know if the ongoing seizures are from that, or repeated concussions (at least 7; lost count somewhere along the line).

But the big thing is to limit the length of time of each seizure. Best of luck- it is very 'helpless' to watch a little one seize.