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[COLOR="Black"]Hi SKZ, My Honey!!! AWWWW... thank you, Love. That is so sweet of you to say... you're going to make me cry. It is my pleasure. If I can help in any way.

Believe me, I really am the one to thank you guys so much and tell you how it is such a pleasure to meet each and every one of you. It is such a horrible thing that we are all going through and are forced to deal with...but I Thank God, to have friends like you, who know and truly understand what it's like... To me, that is nothing less than a Miracle from God Himself in Heaven Above!!!

Omigosh, Girl, you have a PT office in your home, as well??? I thought I was the only one. I have water pillows, herbal neck collars that you heat in the microwave, a tens unit, creams, patches. You name it, I own it.
Oh, Yes, Honey... I have tried all of those, too. Even the Biofreeze. It feels wonderful when you first apply it, but the cooling sensation just doesn't last long enough for me to make a significant difference. Unfortunately, I found that it honestly didn't do much to help allieviate my pain. The only difference I noticed was that I smelled and my eyes would tear!!! ha!!!ha!!!ha!!!ha!!!

Chrissy, Sweetie... I am so sorry to hear that you're having a bad day, today. It's so awful, Babe, I know.

You wouldn't believe it, but they had me on
Duragesic Transdermal Patches (Morphine),
Lidoderm Lidocaine Pain Patches,
Percocet (Oxycontin),
Steroids (Prednisone)...
Could you imagine??? How scary is this, but it's true.

Please, if I can help in any way. If you would like to inquire and know about any of these meds I have been taking, I would always be more than happy to let you know anything that I have personally experienced.

This is so very sad...
This is a once in a lifetime story that no one will never, ever hear again
I accidentally received a Drug Overdose on Saturday, June 23rd at 7:00a.m., while I was in the hospital... only two days after my ACDF operation last month. Inadvertently, I was administered a Morphine Cocktail with an Oxycontin Chaser. This had primarily been due to the fact that I had been treating at one hospital, where I received all of my meds, and then operated on at another. It was so terrifying. It's too much to tell you here, as I will have to write it in another post. But very briefly, I was literally CODE BLUE. I had stopped breathing for 15 minutes. (Whereupon, I had a Near~Death Experience, I was between Heaven and Earth with Angels all around me, protecting me.) The woman in the next bed, MarieElaina (MeMe), whom underwent a hip replacement operation, heard and immediately recognized the "Death Rattle" eminating from my body and screamed for help. She truly saved my life. They had to shock my body back FIVE times with a vicious drug called Narcan. I lay in the hospital for two days in a severe drug~enduced coma. As soon as I came home from the hospital, my hubby broke down hysterical crying. It's so hard to imagine that this was only one month ago. As you could possibly imagine, I Thank God every single day, on my hands and knees, that I am not Brain~Dead, a Vegetable on a Respirator, or Deceased... or my first concern, Paralyzed. And that God Saved Me and Sent Me Back Whole.

Tragically, one week to the day that MarieElaina and I were discharged from the hospital, she passed away from a blood clot as a result of her operation. My hubby and I are completely devastated and our hearts are shattered by her tremendous loss. We were so amazingly close. She had even adopted me as her very own daughter, while we were in the hospital. And she had been calling me every single day after we came home. THIS WAS THE BEST FRIEND I COULD EVER HAVE ASKED FOR. MEME WAS MY ANGEL ON EARTH AND SHE IS NOW MY ANGEL IN HEAVEN.



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