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i've been recently diagnosed a manic type bipolar, apparently they think i'm manic now, onlu thing i can really tell it's very hard for me to get to sleep unless i take 10 mg valium, non prescribed, got them off the internet. anyways i swear god sometimes i think am sociopathic. there are very few things i have ever been remorseful, the thing i guess i can say at for now is that i don't think i have something called fear, and well i'm not saying remorseful about everything my mom has alzheimzers and it makes me sad, but all the bad things i've done to her. Believe me i have done enough bad things never pop up in my head when i get depressed about her. I wouldn't really say i can just kill a dog and not be remorseful but, whatever i feel like doing, i never get remorseful at all. Somebody please respond to me about this. i know that some people might say just because i'm saying this it means i'm not. But richard kulunski (big time hitman) said he wasn't proud of the things he did. It's just when he said he was sorry it was probably different from waht most people meant. BTW i had a horrible childhood growing up. one more thing i'd like to know if any of you people replying ever went through the same questioning i did, at least for extended periods of time. questioning whether or not they are sociopathic or something.