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chk, I hope you get relief, When I went to reab. doctor to get the emg done I remember him telling me that there is a certain location in the c-spine that can give off some thoracic symptoms, I have alot of problems under the scapula area, where the emg was performed in that area stayed sore for weeks after. I will be returning to him monday, I did not know nor did he that I would be returning to him for treatment so curious to see what he says & does. I have heard bad & good about the injections so I am alittle fearful of that. What I don't understand is noone has tried any anti inflammatories with me other then motrin & celebex, I am assuming because they have tried steroids (7day pack) with no lasting effects. So I am curious to see how you do. I also wanted to tell you when my pain got uncontrollable I did have anxiety attacks, bad enough for one doc. to have me transported from her office by ems to hospital, I was told that the pain can throw all vitals off & mine were off the charts, they honestly were fearful because of my heart rate so don't be to afraid of taking the xanax, pain can do some strange things to you & not worth taking risks with other problems occurring. does not happen to often with me @ this point but when I feel my heart rate kicking up do to pain I take at least 1/2 dose of xanax or valium, which are already small doses. It does seemto calm me down, I heard xanax does not make you as tired, it does not do to bad with me.The doctor told me to control my vitals I will have to keep the pain under control. Hope it works well for you. Sammy
Hi Sammy and Chk and all! Went to the rheumotoligist today and was told the good news is I don't have fibermyalgia, but after reviewing the MRI of my back, he said I do have "very messed up disc's", and arthritus in my back. He said the leg cramps and bad pain and burning I am getting uncer the ribs and my side can also be from the disc's. I kind of suspected he would say that, but was glad to hear I didn't have fibermylagia. So, his advice was to definitely keep my up coming appointment with the back doctor week after next. This bit of information, after about 45 minutes in his office, cost $245.00! I sure hope my insurance pays some of it!! Just thought I would let you all know my experience today!

Baybreeze, thanks for your input on my bladder problem. I also was wondering about the connection between the back problems and the bladder infection. I went to the ER here at home last month with a 2nd flare-up, and at that time all my tests came back clear....and I was having bad pain in my back and side then, which made me wonder if one had to do with the other. I have had people say that stress can also cause bladder infections, and boy, the pain we have with our problems certainly brings lots of stress! At least your gyno said "it could be", while mine said she did't think there was a connection. I will keep my appointment with the uroligist next week just to see what he might say. Let me know how your tests turn out!

Sammi and Chk...I think it is a very good idea to take the Zanex or Valium when you get anxious. I know I wake up in the middle of the night sweating, and heart jumping around, and sometimes dizziness, and I am certain all that is anxiety. Not only from all the pain, but from the stress all of us are having trying to deal with it and the frustration. I even talk to myself and tell myself to take deep breaths and calm down!

MKA...I hope you can find something out soon as to what is going on with you, and maybe some of your findings will help us! It must be so hard for you being an athelete and not being able to persue that just now. But, keep up the good work of seeking an answer, and hopefully some day soon you'll be back to your strong, physical self. Good luck to you.

Take care everyone!